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 Introduction to CNC Forging Hammer for Steel Balls

CNC Forging Hammer for Steel balls :It has good surface quality, good impact resistance, strong toughness, good wear resistance, and is not easy to break and lose round. Metal is heated to 1050 ° C (plus or minus 50 ° C), and CNC hammer is used to apply pressure to metal blank for causing plastic deformation to obtain a processing method for forging with certain mechanical property, shape and size. Defects can be eliminated by forging such as as-cast looseness caused by metal in smelting process, micro-structure is optimized, at the same time, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally better than those of the same materials due to the preservation of complete metal flow lines.

Steel balls are widely used in large mines, gold mines, copper mines, alumina mines, iron ore mines, aluminum mines, colored non-ferrous metal mines, metal non-metallic minerals, rare metals, precious metal mines, metallurgical mines, cement building materials, thermal power generation. , flue gas desulfurization, magnetic materials, chemicals, coal water slurry, pellets, slag, ultra-fine powder, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand and other industries of ball milling equipment.

Features of CNC Forging Hammer Production Line for Steel Balls

  • High Production Efficiency
  • Good roundness of steel balls
  • Good outer surface quality of steel balls
  • Finer inner structure of steel balls
  •  Wide range of application.
  •  Simple and safe operation

General Production Technology of CNC Hammer Production Line for Steel Balls

Heat bar material→use billet shearing machine to do hot shear and slide into bar positioning cylinder automatically →No. 1 robot clamps the bar material in the positioning cylinder to the mold of CNC forging hammer →CNC forging hammer forge 2-3 times automatically→ order and make die, then rolling into lifting device → lifting it into rounder→steel ball shaped round → through the slide into the quenching process→ tempering treatment → quality inspection.

Video of Rolling Mill Production for Steel Balls

Selection Table of CNC Hammer for Forging Steel Balls Forged Steel Balls Equipment Production Line

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Production Site of CNC Forging Hammer Production Line for Steel Balls

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