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blacksmith hydraulic press

Blacksmith hydraulic forging press introduction:

Anyang forging press has been making forging machine since 1956.  The forging press sizes have ranged from 800 Ton to 8000 Ton and are found in many automotive and industrial forging companies around the world.  In 2017, we made the decision to utilize their knowledge of presses and machining capability to make a series of presses aimed at the blacksmith, bladesmith, and the small industrial sector.  Sizes will range from 25 Ton (Metric) or 27.5 Ton (Imperial) to a 50, 75, and 100 Ton model. 

Advantages of the Anyang hydraulic press are:

  • ​High Speed.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Enclosed hydraulics, steel hydraulic lines, no  rubber hoses to break or catch fire.  A safer press.
  • Large “T” slotted upper and lower plattens.  Easier to build specialized tooling.
  • Timer to minimize up travel time for faster, efficient forging.
  • Long 30mm stroke.
  • Side access for pressing longer pieces.
  • Responsive foot peddle.
  • Heavy High strength industrial design

steel hydraulic linesSide access for pressing longer pieces

steel hydraulic lines                                                      Side access for pressing longer pieces

“T” slotted dielow voltage cabinet

   “T” slotted upper and lower platten                           Schneider eletronic component

pedalsolenoid valve

Responsive foot peddle                                                                     Solenoid valve controlling

pump and motorguide lubricate

motor and pump rigid tube connecting                                  guide plate grease lubrication

dial indicator test anyang blacksmith hydraulic press Stroke Accuracy

Anyang Blacksmith Hydaulic Press Specifications

item Y04-16 Y04-25 Y04-30 Y04-50
Normal force 16T 25T 30T 50T
Working speed(25MPa) 8mm/s 8mm/s 7mm/s ≤8.5mm/s
Stroke speed down 35mm/s 52mm/s 47mm/s 50mm/s
up 68mm/s 90mm/s 85mm/s 120mm/s
Maximum working area:long * high 300mm×400mm 380mm×480mm 430mm
Maximum stroke 300mm 350mm 300mm
Dimension of worktable :long *width 300mm×200mm 340mm×250mm 380mm×300mm
worktable height from the ground 710 mm 790 mm 920mm
Press the cylinder Cylinder diameterφ90/φ63,stroke300 Cylinder diameterφ115/φ80,stroke300 Cylinder diameterφ125/φ90,stroke350 Cylinder diameterφ160/φ120,stroke300
Rated system pressure 25MPa
Hydraulic system using medium Anti-wear hydraulic oil YB-N46

Blacksmtih Hydraulic Press Forging Videos

Mr.James and Mr.Bruce test the 25T Press

25 Ton hydraulic press do upsetting test

25T Press Punch Hole on Hot Piece

Anyang Blacksmith Hydraulic Press Dealers List:

Market Area Contact Person Email Website Location
USA, Canada, Mexico James Johnson 2955 CR 1370 Alvord, TX, USA 76225
Australia, New Zeeland Bruce Beamish  Unit 4&5 51-53 Della Torre Road, Moe, 3825 Victoria


​John Nicholson Hyde, Cheshire, UK
 Germany, Belgium  Johanes Angele  
 Sweden  Stefan J. Emet  Jämt Annas Väg 2 79432 Orsa Sverige
 Czech  Gabriela Řeháková  Volduchy 402, 338 22 Volduchy, Czech

 Anyang have dealers in many of countries, they will supply excellent local service for anyang blacksmtih hydraulic press customers, if there is anyone from above countries/area interest one press, please contact with them, otherwith contact us directly at


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