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Automatic Roll Forging Machine forging crankshaft

forge roll machine

Introduction of Automatic Roll Forging Machine 

ZGD series automatic roll forging machine is mainly used for the pre-forging of closed die forgings or doing the final forgings. It can be composed of a forging production line with a CNC forging hammer, hydraulic hammer, electric screw press, etc forging machine. It can be an automation rolling forging production line match with an automatic robot or arm. it's widely used in automobiles, tractors, hand tools, etc forging industry. 

Futures of Anyang ZGD series forging rolls   

Anyang ZGD series forging rolls with manipulators are continually optimized and improved products on the basis of Europe technology. By combining with Anyang technologies on forming rolling and performing rolling processes die equipment and production line the forging roll can be applied in automobile, tractor, energy, and hand-tooling, etc forging industries. Several tens production lines for manufacturing automotive front axle connecting rod steering knuckle crankshaft and turbine blade have been provided to forging factories Enormous economic and social benefits have been achieved to our customers. 

Parameter of forge roll machine


Roll Forging Machine Working Video

Anyang Roll Forging Machine and CNC closed die hammer production line make connecting rod. 

 Automatic Roll Forging Machine 

 Automatic Roll Forging Machine  








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