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 The riveting machine is a special riveting equipment developed and designed by Anyang Forging Press in the early 1980s to meet the needs of my country's automobile industry and to introduce and absorb foreign technology. With the vigorous development of my country's automobile industry, our automobile riveting machine has undergone several generations of innovation. The hydraulic system of the traditional riveting machine adopts a three-phase asynchronous motor to drive the oil pump to work at a rated speed, and the motor is always at a constant speed. When the equipment is in the state of pressurization and unloading, the motor speed is constant, and the excess hydraulic oil returns to the oil tank through the relief valve, causing energy waste.


Servo hydraulic riveting machine system principle:

The electro-hydraulic servo system integrates servo technology and hydraulic technology, and adopts the combination of internal gear pump and integrated synchronous servo motor. Intelligently control the speed of the servo motor to achieve the actual pressure and flow required by the equipment.

Innovative features of servo hydraulic riveting machine:

1. Servo all-in-one technology: Compared with the asynchronous motor, the volume is reduced by 30% under the same power. Compared with the conventional synchronous servo, the system adopts an integrated solution, which is small in size and effectively saves space.

2. Energy-saving system: The servo system adopts full closed-loop control. According to the pressure and flow required by the actual requirements of the riveting machine, the pump control technology is used to replace the valve control technology, which eliminates the throttling loss and achieves the effect of energy saving.

3. Digital control system: data communication with PLC through man-machine interface, different rivet riveting can be realized by setting different process parameters, truly realizing multi-purpose of one machine.

Because the servo riveting machine uses a servo motor, it saves energy, has lower noise than traditional riveting machines, is more environmentally friendly than hydraulic riveting machines, and has high speed, high precision and low maintenance costs. This time, through the servo-based transformation and upgrading of the traditional riveting machine, energy saving and consumption reduction, green forging and clean production are further realized. This is not only a sign of Anyang Forging Press's energy saving and consumption reduction to achieve green forging, but also an important measure to stabilize the global market.


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