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1. ANYANG ST is a small trading company, NOT a power hammer manufacturer.

ANYANG ST established in 2014, registered capital is about USD150,000.00, registered address is room 312 of an old building. Their business scope is sales of forging press machinery, ST is not a manufacturer, they do not have any manufacturing workshop or the required machining equipment. ST does not have permission for manufacturing forging press machine. ANYANG ST has publicly declared they are a manufacturer; this is not a fact. Below is their Business Information:




2. Did Anyang ST has relationship with Anyang Jihua Forging Press Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd?




3. Does Jihua have nothing to do with Anyang ST?


4. Does Anyang ST has relationship with Anyang Jihua Forging Press Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd now?


5.The Supply Source of ANYANG ST.
ANYANG ST is buying forging hammers from small manufacturer . Previously it was Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Company that supplied the power hammer to ST. Because Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Company illegally use the drawings supplied by Anyang ST which stole from Anyang AFP, it was punished and fined RMB100,000.00 by Anyang City Administration Bureau for Market Regulation and they were forced to stop supplying ANYANG ST power hammers. Currently the workshop pictures of ANYANG ST displayed from their website is still from Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Company.
Below is the Anyang City Administration Bureau for Market Regulation official punishment to Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Company and the Letters of Apologies from Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Company.
6.The illegal source of power hammer designing drawings of ANYANG ST
In the beginning, ANYANG ST only sold spare parts of forging equipment, but in 2017 a new person joined ST and they started to sell power forging hammers. This new employee was formerly employed by Anyang AFP in the production area. He stole the manufacturing drawings of ANYANG AFP Power Hammers and resigned from ANYANG AFP IN 2017.

7.The Truth and Reveal Regarding the Declaration of ANYANG ST
ANYANG ST is misleading the public by saying the competition between ANYANG ST and ANYANG AFP is just like the dispute between FORD N series tractor and FERGUSON tractor. Ford and Ferguson had a handshake agreement that was dissolved with a change of Ford management. This is much different. ST was formed by stealing the drawings and intellectual property of AFP.

Anyang ST is a small trading company with only several people and several years of business. They do not have any workshop. They buy the hammers from small forging hammer company. There have been many power hammer companies in China that have come and gone. For many, parts or service are impossible to obtain. AFP has been in business since 1956, has sold well over 1,200 power hammers into the USA alone as well as thousands into over 60 countries around the world. AFP has focused on building the highest quality power hammer at a reasonable cost. We have invested in modern technology and machining equipment. We have focused on improving the hammer with many significant changes since 1956. The most significant was the development of the key out design introduced in 2015. We are dedicated to continuing to improve our product and supporting our customers. We will also use all legal means to protect our design and intellectual property from theft. 



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