Forging Hammer and Press sold to USA,
Germany, Japan etc 80+ Countries.

Anyang Forging Press Since 1956

China National Forging Hammer Standard Drafter


On the second day of the exhibition, the heat in front of Anyang Forging Press Booth was still unabated. Various forging equipment developed by our company scrolling on the screen attracted a large number of visitors to watch and negotiate.


Zhang Jin, Secretary General of China Forging Association, visited our company's booth. 



From manual operation to CNC and intelligence, every step behind the research and development of the new generation of CNC full hydraulic die forging hammers and intelligent electric screw presses is the unremitting efforts and explorations of Anyang Forging Press Group for more than 60 years.  The automated production line with CNC full hydraulic die forging hammer and electric screw press that we see today represents the innovative strength of Anyang Forging Press.


"Efficient, energy-saving, reliable, and durable" are the characteristics of Anyang Forging Press Products; In addition, Anyang Forging Press also provides their customers with professional technical consultation, fast supply of original spare parts, and thoughtful installation and maintenance.


Anyang Forging Press takes technological innovation as its core competitiveness, and continuously pursues informatization and Intelligent forging in research and development; and is committed to the company's mission: to make forging greener, more efficient and easier.















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