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Anyang CNC forging hammers are widely used in the mass production industries of metal precision die forgings such as automobiles, motorcycles, engineering machinery, hydraulic pipe fittings, instrument hardware, construction hardware, daily hardware, surgical instruments, kitchen hardware, farm tools, knives and other metal precision die forgings. In addition to high-density special-shaped parts widely used in the aerospace field, its core is automated precision forging production line equipment.

The CNC hydraulic die forging hammer is a hydraulic double-action program-controlled forging hammer with HO-U structure. It meets the characteristics of low-carbon production, low vibration, and high-efficiency production. It can be used in conjunction with robots to establish automated forging production lines.

CNC forging hammer features:

The unique blowing valve system enables extremely high repeatability of blowing energy;

Precise energy control. The quality of forgings is stable, with a deviation of ≤±1.5%.

Forging realizes "CNC" programming, and the CNC system can be networked and remotely controlled;

U-shaped body + X-shaped guide rail make forgings extremely precise and multi-cavity forging;

High frequency of strikes makes production more efficient;

The hammer head can be slowly raised and lowered at any time, making it easier, faster and safer to replace or adjust the mold;

The short-stroke strike function, vibration mode function, and anti-misoperation safety module are the unique technologies of An Duo Company;

Can be automated;

Unique advantages: precise energy control, high forging precision, small vibration, and automation.

It can be an automatic production line.

CNC forging hammer technical parameters


CNC forging hammer application


CNC forging hammer working video

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 C92K series CNC fully hydraulic die forging hammer automated production line

Automatic gear forging, CNC forging hammer and forging robot

Fully hydraulic die forging CNC hammer forged tableware

CNC forged hammer forged wrench

CNC forging hammer production site

Anyang Forging Press is fully capable of producing CNC closed die forging hammers. One-stop sales including design, processing, assembly, quality inspection, installation, training, and after-sales service. We can provide excellent services to overseas customers.

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CNC hammer customer case

We have a large service team of more than 50 employees to provide installation, commissioning and training for overseas customers. Currently, Anyang CNC forging hammers are exported to more than 40 countries including Germany, the United States, Japan, and India.











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