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CNC closed die forging hammer

CNC Closed Die Forging Hammer is PLC controlled hitting energy and forging process, they are widely applied in automobile forgings, motorcycle forgings, hardware forgings, hand tools blank forgings, stainless steel tableware, and aeronautic forgings etc, especially for the precision forging field.

CNC hydraulic die forging hammers are hydraulic double-acting programmable forging hammer with HO-U structures, they are complied with low carbon production, low vibration and high efficiency production etc. Can cooperate with Robot build automatic forging line.

CNC Forging hammer Features:

  • Programmable hitting.Blow energy is programmable precisely controlled by PLC (Siemens). 
  • Precise energy control. Stable forging quality, deviation ≤±1.5%.
  • Good guide ability. CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer uses 'X' guide, make sure the forging precision.
  • “U” solide hammer frame, with high rigidity, high resistance to side load capacity, suitable for multi-impression-die forging.
  • High blow frequencies. Adopts “big tup, short stroke” structure, high blow frequency, productive efficiency.
  • Simple and safe operating. Can save and open forging parameter in PLC very easy. 
  • Low forging vibration.
  • Optimum die life and hammer rod life, because the die contacting time is shorter duration than with the press.
  • Can be automatic production line.

CNC Forging Hammer Technical Parameter

cnc hammer parameter

CNC Forging Hammer Application

impression die forgingsclosed die forgings

CNC forging hammer working videos

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Forging tableware automaticly

CNC forging hammer forge spanners

Production sight of CNC forging hammer

Anyang forging press have full ability to produce CNC closed die forging hammer. Design, Machining, Assembly, Quality Inspect, Installing and training, After Service etc one stop sales. we can supply excellent service for oversea customer.


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CNC Hammer Customer Case

We have big service team over 50 staffs to supply installing, commissioning and training for oversea customers. Till now, Anyang CNC forging hammer exported to Germany, USA, Japan, India etc 40+ countries. 

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