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2 Ton Hydraulic C type Open Die Forging Hammer is drawing out

Introduction of C type forging hammer:

C61Y series full hydraulic open die forging hammer (C type) is an open die forging hammer with a C-shaped structure and three-side operation space.The forging and lifting are both driven by hydraulic oil,the lower chamber of cylinder under the piston is always filled with high pressure oil,the forging and lifting are realized by controlling the oil pressure filled in the top chamber of piston.It suit to produce all kinds of open die forgings.

Advantages of C type forging hammer:

  • Highly integrated full hydraulic control system, low energy consumption, no leakage, low failure rate.
  • Patented blow valve with large flow rate, sensitive response, high blow frequency and sufficient energy.
  • The lower cavity is often passed high-pressure oil, the return stroke is fast and timely, the forging precision is high, and the hammer rod has a long life.
  • Automatic emergency anti-hammer rod breakage cover, preventing oil leakage in time and safety.
  • Multi-level safety protection hydraulic device, high system stability and safety.
  • Pilot control operation valve, reliable control, small operating force and low labor intensity.
  • Operators can get on duty quickly.
  • The single-arm rail structure is forward and backward, with advanced and reasonable structure, strong anti-deflection ability, good rigidity, low center and large stroke.

Technical parameters of C type forging hammer:


 C type hammer forging videos: 

2 Ton Hydraulic C type Open Die Forging Hammer forge high neck flange

 3Ton Hydraulic C type Open Die Forging Hammer forge flange

 1Ton Hydraulic C type Open Die Forging Hammer  forge special steel

 3 Ton hydraulic forging hammer and manipulator 


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