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Product introduction: 

D51 series vertical type ring rolling machine is widely used in manufacturing bearing outer ring, gearing blank, pipeline flange, welding neck flange in the fields of machinery, auto, train, ship, petroleum and chemicals, aerospace, atomic energy, wind generator. It has advantages of rolling and forming at one time, high production efficiency, improve blank precision, reduce turning remainder, improve steel utilization, improve cutting performance, improve inner quality of forging, good economic benefit. 


  • High material utilization
  • Good quality
  • Good working conditions, high productivity
  • Low production costs

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Technical parameters:


 Ring Rolling Machine Videos: 

Customer Cases:


D51-500E Ring Rolling Machine used in Indian for rolling flanges.



D51-1000E Ring Rolling Machine used in Turkey for rolling flanges.


D51-350E Ring Rolling Machine used in Pakistan for rolling flanges.


If you have plans to produce ring products with an outer diameter greater than 1200mm, please click here:

 D53K CNC Ring Rolling Machine




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