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Hammer Forge Steel Balls Advantages


hammer forge steel ball

Pneumatic hammer forging steel ball less investment, fast running, can forge large range size steel balls. Steel ball impact resistance is good, strong toughness, good wear resistance, nonbreakable and always round. Heating metal billet to be 1050 ℃ (error<= 50 ℃), pneumatic hammer forge the hot metal blank with round die, the piece will be become round. after forging can eliminate the metal casting defects, optimizing the microstructure, at the same time because of the intact metal flow, forging generally better than the same material casting on the mechanical properties.

Application of Forging Balls

Forged steel balls are widely used in large mines, gold, copper, aluminum oxide, iron ore, aluminium, colorless non-ferrous metals, metal, non-metallic mineral rare metals precious metal, metallurgical mining, cement, building materials, thermal power, flue gas desulfurization, magnetic materials, chemical industry, coal water slurry, pellets, slag, ultrafine powder, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand and other industries of ball mill and rod mill equipment.

Advantages of Forging Balls

  • Forging steel balls diameter range is Φ20mm-Φ250mm.
  • High hardness. Surface hardness is 55-56HRC, volume hardness is 50-63HRC, the hardness graded distribution is average.
  • High impact toughness. Impact toughness over 12J/㎝2.
  • Low broken rate. Crush resistance is 10 times than the general casting balls, the actua breaking rate is less than 1% after more than 20000 balls impact testing.
  • No deformation. Forging steel ball will not out of round from big to small.

Quality difference between Forging balls and other making process

In order to reduce the forging balls plant maintenance cost, we designe one type of pneumatic forging hamemr especially for forging balls. it use the round ram without guide, will enhance the ram strength.

hammer machine for balls 

How to chose suit size hammer to forge steel balls

Max.forged steel ball OD
Hammer model

Output per shift


Weight per ball


Output per shift


Φ70 C41-150 2880 1.41 4.06
Φ90 C41-250 1920 3 5.76
Φ110 C41-400 1440 5.47 7.88
Φ130 C41-560 1152 9.03 10.4
Φ150 C41-750 960 11.27 10.82
Φ200 C41-1000 480 32.88 15.78
Φ250 C41-2000 480 64.22 30.83

 Forging Video of Steel Balls




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