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Disadvantages of the traditional production method of hot forging nut

The traditional production method of hot forging nut mostly relies on manual completion of blank feeding and workpiece conveying. This production method has low efficiency, unstable product quality and many safety hazards. 

Advantages of automatic nut production line 

The automatic nut forging production line can complete feeding, heating and conveying between each forging and pressing station of the blank bar efficiently, so as to realize the automation of nut forging and pressing production and replace the traditional production mode.It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of forging, quality of hot forging nut, and reduce the production cost and labor intensity.  
Anyang Forging Press can provide customers with complete set of equipment of nut hot forging, or automatic transformation of existing nut forging production line. Improving production efficiency and product quality and reducing production cost are the development trends. The key technology for the automatic transformation of the nut forging production line is to realize the automatic feeding of blank bar and conveying between each forging station. 

Advantages of fully automatic nut production line

The automatic nut forging production line is mainly composed of induction heating furnace, punching machine and stepping manipulator with automatic feeding to realize full automatic production of standard parts, in the whole process, only one person is required to watch it. Automatic nut production line can save 1-2 manpower for your enterprise, meanwhile nut heating equipment adopts induction heating technology, which has the advantages of no pollution and low noise, and greatly improves the working environment. Automatic nut forging heating equipment is putting the material head into the hopper directly, through the PLC-controlled transmission device, the bar material drives to the sensor heating in order,after this, transferring to the punch press automatically, the manipulator will put the forged workpiece into the slot.

Prominent advantages of automatic nut forging heating equipment: 

1). Simple production operation, flexible feeding and unloading, high degree of automation, and online production can be realized;  
2). Fast speed of heating workpiece, less oxidation and decarbonization, high efficiency, forging of good quality;  
3). Comprehensive energy saving optimization design, low energy consumption, high efficiency and lower production cost than coal burning;  
4). Meet the requirements of environmental protection, low pollution, meanwhile reducing the labor intensity;  
5). High safety performance.


The process of fully automatic nut forging production line  

A. The heating furnace is fed by manual supplying or automatic feeding machine; Heating furnace heats it, then let it flow out.  
B. The material receiving machine receive it and turns over to position the material;  
C. Manipulator gripper 1 takes the material and puts it into the punch mold 1;Punch press forge it (press flat);  
D. Manipulator gripper 2 takes the material and puts it into the punch mold 2;Press forging (forming);  
E. Manipulator gripper 3 takes the material and puts it into the punch mold 3;Press (punch);  
F. Manipulator gripper 4 takes the finished product and puts it on the slide  
G. Repeat steps above continuously;  
H. Automatic production efficiency: 15-20 PCS/min (depending on the customer site)


Nuts forging line working video

Nuts forging line working video automation with auto-manipulator



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