Skew rolling machine used for making grinding balls,steel balls, copper balls etc metal balls.
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Introduction of skew rolling machine: 

Steel Ball Skew Rolling Machine is specially designed for the grinding steel balls of different materials such as medium carbon steel, alloy steel, etc, which is widely used in the field of mines, gold, copper, bauxite, iron ore, aluminum ore, nonferrous non-ferrous metal ore, metallurgical and mining, cement, thermal power, flue gas desulfurization, magnetic materials, coal water mixture, pellets, superfine powder, slag, fly ash, calcium carbonate, quartz sand, etc industries grinding ball or rod miller, etc. Equipped with a conveyor system and heating furnace can realize mechanization and automation production.  

Automatic steel ball skew rolling line without human intervention, automatic production, make sure the stability of the steel ball quality. This line production process contributes to environmental protection, saving energy but high efficiency. Steel balls have precision dimension, good roundness, high hardness, and good mechanical properties and high impact toughness, strong crushing ability, etc characteristics.

Advantages of skew rolling machine:

  • The main body is with good rigidity.
  • Adjusting is easy. Locking is solid, high stability.
  • Locking is solid, high stability.
  • Easy to change guide plate.
  • Production is competitive automation, high production efficiency, large output.
  • Low energy consumption, no pollution.

Advantages of rolling balls:

  • Good surface and roundness
  • Equilibrium Internal and external hardness
  • Low broken rate, long working life
  • High density, strong impact toughness
  • High-performance price ratio, cost-saving is obvious

Anyang steel balls automatic production line also has following functions:

  • Automatic control of the quenching temperature, make sure the quenching quality
  • Automatic roll fast rewind function, make sure the rollers be not damaged
  • Automatic feeding function, improve the material utilization    

Anyang design the steel ball hot rolling production line as a fully automatic production line, up to the latest levels of hot-rolled steel ball production.   

Anyang design and manufacture a series of steel ball hot rolling production lines, including ZQ20, ZQ30, ZQ40, ZQ50, ZQ60, ZQ70, ZQ80, ZQ100, ZQ120, etc complete size of steel balls miller lines, can produce φ 20 ~ 120mm different size steel balls.

ZQ series skew rolling machine parameter:


Skew Rolling Machine Manufacture

metal ball machine manufacture

Anyang FP has the complete ability to produce skew rolling machines include dies. 

Skew Rolling Machine Pictures in Steel Ball Factory: 

skew rolling machine

steel ball rolling machine

Anyang Skew rolling machines have been exported to Romania, Armenia, Indonesia, Zambia, India, Vietnam, Chile, Iran, etc over 20 countries, machine size 30mm - 120mm. produce steel balls and copper balls.  

Grinding balls production and Customer Cases videos:

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