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Fully Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer refers to the free forging hammer whose strike and return stroke of the hammerhead are hydraulically driven. It is a new type of forging equipment that is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is suitable for the production of various types of free forgings.

Fully Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer (Arch Type)


Working principle of Fully Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer (Arch Type): using electricity as energy, the hammer head is lifted hydraulically to build up gravitational potential energy, and the gas is compressed to store energy. The potential energy of the hammerhead is converted into the kinetic energy of the hammerhead, so as to strike the forging and perform work.
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Fully Hydraulic Open Die Forging Hammer (Arch Type)performance characteristics: 


1. Energy saving: the energy utilization rate of the electro-hydraulic hammer is high;  

2. Environmental protection: no need for large boilers to eliminate the pollution of coal burning to the environment;

3. Convenience: no need to wait for the gas production process of the boiler, it can be produced by connecting the power of the motor;  

4. Easy to operate: by hand or pedal operation alone, various actions required for the forging process such as strike, return, slow up, slow down, emergency stop, and suspension hammer can be realized;  

5. The hammer head and the fuselage adopt an "X" type guide rail, which can effectively improve the guiding accuracy;

6. The thick hammer rod structure solves the problems of low precision of free forging hammer forgings and short hammer rod life;

7. The automatic monitoring of the electrical system and hydraulic system failure has achieved a breakthrough without major safety accidents;

8. The connecting cylinder beams are all designed without pipelines, and the main cylinder block is an integral steel forging, which greatly improves the service life of the connecting cylinder beams;    

9. The connection between the hammer rod and the hammer head adopts a unique single-cone connection method, which effectively reduces the breakage and pull-off of the hammer rod, and is convenient for loading and unloading.

Hydraulic C type Open Die Forging Hammer  

The Hydraulic C type Open Die Forging Hammer is a fully hydraulic driven free forging hammer with a C-shaped structure and three-sided operating space. The principle of the system is that the lower chamber of the hammer rod piston is usually connected with high-pressure oil, and the strike is achieved by controlling the oil pressure of the upper and lower chambers of the piston. It is used for Forging free forgings.
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Technical features of Hydraulic C type Open Die Forging Hammer :

1. Highly integrated full hydraulic control system, low energy consumption, no leakage, and low failure rate.

2. The patented blow valve with a large flow rate has a sensitive response, high frequency of blow, and sufficient energy.

3. The lower chamber is always connected to high-pressure oil, the return travel is fast and timely, the forging precision is high, and the hammer rod has a long life.

4. Automatic emergency anti-hammer rod breakage cover plate, timely and safe to prevent oil leakage.

5. Multi-level safety protection hydraulic device, high system stability, and safety.

6. Pilot control operation valve, reliable control, small operating force, and low labor intensity.

7.The single-arm guide rail structure is in the front and rear direction, the structure is advanced and reasonable, the anti-bias ability is strong, the body rigidity is good, the center is low, and the stroke is large.

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Anyang Forging Press has specialized in producing various hot forging equipment for more than 60 years.

It is the drafting unit of a number of forging hammer national standards.

Anyang Forging Press Enterprise Technology Center is the R&D center and post-doctoral research and development center of CNC forging and pressing equipment in Henan Province.

Strong research and development strength: professional technical research and development team, all of which are technical elite teams with more than 10 years of hot forging equipment design. 
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