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  When we decide to buy a screw press, we must first understand the relevant types of electric screw presses, and then we need to determine the model of the direct drive electric screw press? After these are settled, we need to find a qualified electric screw press manufacturer, so how do we judge whether an electric screw press manufacturer is good or bad?

How to choose hot forging electric screw press?After several generations of unremitting efforts, Anyang Forging has become a well-known brand in the world forging industry. Its products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Germany, the United States, Japan, India, Turkey, and Russia, and have won wide acclaim from customers. A bright business card that China's forging equipment has handed over to the world.


The electric screw press developed by Anyang Forging Press has two structures:

One is the asynchronous motor controlled by the frequency converter, and the large gear is driven by the pinion (combined with the flywheel. A frictional slip mechanism is used between the pinion and the motor to protect the motor from overload;

Another structure is the direct-drive screw press, which has higher efficiency and better impact energy accuracy due to the omission of the gear transmission system.

How to choose hot forging electric screw press?After years of continuous improvement and innovation, the efficiency of electric screw presses has been continuously improved, gradually establishing our company's leading position in the electric screw press market. The main innovations are as follows:

Screw: It is made of CrMoV high alloy steel forging. The thread form has good fatigue resistance, no self-locking, stable installation, short screw, and improves the rigidity of the pressure gauge.


Nut: made of high-quality bronze material, installed in the slider, has good wear resistance and emergency sliding performance.

Slider: It adopts high-grade steel castings and is fully stress-relieved.

Guide system: The guide system is arranged at 45 degrees on the surface of the slider, and the gap is kept constant and is not affected by thermal expansion. The guide pair uses bronze and steel. The guide rail is nitrided, and the guide rail plate can be adjusted in all directions to ensure that the guide rail gap is minimal. The characteristics of the guide length and rigidity of the slider can ensure the high quality of the produced products. Long life of abrasive tools.

Braking device: The brake acts directly on the gear and can be braked at any position. The brake is closed by spring force, and the brake is opened by a pneumatic system.

Drive unit: The screw drive is driven by a squirrel cage three-phase forward and reverse asynchronous motor. This drive has low maintenance and high reliability.

Lubricating oil circulation: The spiral thrust bearing will be continuously lubricated by a monitored lubricating oil circulation system. The lubrication characteristics of the guide rail will remain unchanged for several cycles.

Combined press frame: The combined frame design has many advantages, which can eliminate the stress concentration of the incision between the table and the column, beam and column. Larger presses can be transported in sections. The frame has high rigidity due to the prestressed connection. Under the same tensile stress, the elongation is only 20% of the integrated frame.


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