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ZHJ Rail Bound Charging ManipulatorZHJ Rail Bound Charging Manipulator


Forging charger is a mechanical-hydraulic mixed type machine.,it is used to transport cold and hot ingots discs and rings in open-die forging plants, ring mills, blooming mills and similar works. According to the types of the manipulative workpiece, they fall into clamp-support type, clamp-hold type, fork type. It can do the functions: manipulator walk,upside of the manipulator turn around, clamp rod flex,clamp rod lifting.


  • Efficient forging process and high performance.
  • Operational costs will be reduced significantly.
  • Rapid movements with highest precision will be achieved.
  • The quality of the forgings as well as the capacity of the production line can be significantly increased. 

From structures, the rail bound loading and charging manipulator adopts hydraulic and mechanical mixed type. From the working model, the loading and charging manipulator tongs include clamping type, holding type and fork type, to carry out loading and charging manipulator travelling, upper part travelling on chassis, upper part rotating, clamp rod stretch out and draw back, clamp rod goes up and down, clamp head rotating etc action.

It is used to load and transport the forgings and billets from furnace, which can greatly shorten the handling time, increase the productivity, reduce labor intensity, realize forging production mechanization.

Technical parameters: 


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