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On July 27, 2021, China International Metalforming Exhibition opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leading enterprise in the forging industry, Anyang Forging Press appeared with a new stunning look in the exhibition. Its high standard equipment performance, beautiful and technology sense of appearance design, flexible and intelligent forging solutions, attracted many experts, scholars, forging manufacturers to visit our booth.     


The products promoted this time are not only CNC hammer, electric-hydraulic hammer and other praised products, but also introduced the cutting edge electric screw press and numerical controlled automatic forging production line. Visitors now know that Anyang Forging Press company can provide free forging, die forging, ring forging equipment, auxiliary forging equipment and the whole set of production line equipment and process. 

Anyang Forging Press not only offers equipment supply, spare parts supply, installation and maintenance services, but also provides design consulting services for you to solve the process selection, plant wiring, upgrading and transformation problems. On the exhibition site, Anyang Forging Press experts listen to customers' various consulting problems, offer customers alternative introduction of solutions, attracted a large number of visitors to watch and contact.      


























































































































































































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