Forging Hammer and Press sold to USA,
Germany, Japan etc 80+ Countries.

Anyang Forging Press Since 1956

China National Forging Hammer Standard Drafter

Clarification Letter from AFP about Power Hammer

Anyang Power hammer is made in China, the original manufacturer are Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd and Anyang Forging Press Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd, which are parent and subsidiary companies of Anyang Forging Press Group Company (hereinafter referred to as AFP), Anyang is one of the Chinese city name not the brand name, the actual brand name of AFP’s products are “golden anvil”(which is the famous brand of Henan Province), and AFP’s power hammer was awarded PEOP Certificate.


“Golden Anvil” Certificate


“Golden Anvil” brand was awarded as Henan Province famous brand by Henan Provincial Government


PEOP Certificate

I. AFP’s history

1.1 AFP was founded in 1956 year and started to produce power hammer.




1.2 AFP drafted China National Standard of power hammer.


1.3 AFP is a group company now and AFP is the biggest manufacturer of forging equipment in China,Its products have been exported to USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Japan etc 80+ countries.



1.4 AFP was awarded China highest quality medal(the only one medal) of power hammer in 1983.
About L type Power hammer
AFP Started to design L type power hammer since 2015 year.

(1)AFP’s old design power hammer

power hamemr for dealer_副本.jpg

(2) AFP’s new design L-type power hammer

AFP’s new design L-type power hammer’s feature: with a new heavier frame and ram design where the key and die does not retract into the cylinder making it easy to change dies and use tooling.  The customer can forge heavy stock and immediately switch to thin light stock with no adjustments. 
Due to AFP’s new design L-type power hammer are very popular than old design power hammer, it was sold very well in USA, Australia, Germany,
UK etc countries. So Anyang ST stolen AFP’s drawings to copy the design from AFP and started to produce L-type power hammer since 2017 year.




What’s the result if customer buy L-type power hammer from ANYANG ST?

China government are investigating ANYANG ST for its theft and counterfeiting action now, if any customer buy L-type power hammer from ANYANG ST, the customer will be penalized as well as without after-sale service in future.


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