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The appearance of die sticking in the forging process has a great influence on the output of the forging line and the smoothness of the whole line. In addition, if the sticking time is too long or the forging cycle is too fast, the temperature of the die will rise rapidly, resulting in die annealing. , resulting in reduced mold hardness and reduced mold life.

Graphite milk is widely used in the die forging production process because of its lubricity, mold release, and cooling function, which reduces the occurrence of sticking, improves the quality of forgings and prolongs the service life of the mold. In addition, the traditional manual spraying operation has high requirements on the operator and needs to perform inkjet operations while operating the equipment, resulting in high personnel costs.

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The iterative product of the inkjet device - the automatic stone inkjet device, the die lubrication and cooling system developed by An Forging Intelligent is based on in-depth research on user needs, and solves the shortcomings of the existing similar products in the current market, aiming to provide the majority of die forging production. It is safer and more reliable, convenient to operate, energy saving, and material saving. At the same time, it has a flexible and diverse structure, which can provide different flow requirements and configure different nozzles to meet the needs of different forging processes and forging product production scenarios.


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Four advantages of Anyang Forging Press's intelligent automatic graphite spraying device


1. Negative pressure extraction is safer: the whole system adopts diaphragm pump negative pressure extraction and feeding, which can realize the timely addition of mold release agent without stopping the machine. Compared with the traditional pressure tank structure, the safety is greatly improved; the traditional pressure tank The pressure in the structure tank is high, and it is easy to leak air at a place close to the heat source, and even an explosion may occur, posing a greater safety hazard.

2. Automatic cleaning and anti-blocking: The release agent used by most customers is a mixture of graphite milk and tap water. After the operation is completed, the residual graphite milk will form dry and hard blocks in the pipeline and pump body, regardless of the life of the pump body. Or the patency of the pipeline has a greater impact. The mold lubricating and cooling system intelligently designed by Andu has a self-cleaning function, which can flush the pump body and the entire pipeline with tap water after each day's work to remove the residual graphite milk inside, and keep the pump body and pipeline clean and comfortable. unobstructed.  

3. Fast installation is more convenient: the whole set of equipment has a simple design and structure, and is easy and fast to install. It only needs one intake pipe and one 220V power interface to use. In addition, two IO output points and mold lubrication and cooling are collected from the main forging equipment PLC. The system electrical cabinet connection can realize automatic operation. Basically, there is no need for too many on-site installation and commissioning personnel, and the installation guide can be completed through a video phone.  

4. The structure is diverse and more flexible: the spraying method can choose fixed and telescopic mechanisms according to the different mold structures and forging stations, and can flexibly adapt to different forging processes and forging products. Parameters of Andu Intelligent Automatic Graphite Injection Device. 


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