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C Type India Steam-Hammer convert to be Fully Hydraulic Hammer  


10 Ton Steam-Hammer convert to be Fully Hydraulic Hammer in India


Why should convert old steam forging hammer to be hydraulic?

Fully hydraulic hammer power head is suitable for conversion of steam hammer, air compressor forging hammer and electro hydraulic forging hammer. It makes old forging hammer into a fully hydraulic forging hammer with all kinds of performance advance, small investment, short cycle, high benefit through conversion.

How to do conversion on old forging hammer:

A. For steam hammer and air compressor forging hammer: using anvil block and hammer frame(with X guide or original type) of original hammer. To match new tup, fully hydraulic power head, hydraulic station and electro control system. 

B. For electro hydraulic forging hammer: Using anvil block, hammer frame, tup, hydraulic station and electro control system of original hammer, and to match new fully hydraulic power head.

convert old hammer

What brand of air hammers can be converted to hydraulic forging hammer:


Hydraulic hammer head features:

  • Short conversion cycle, small investment, high benefit.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • High hitting frequency, enough energy.
  • Accurate energy control.
  • Light operating force, low labor intensity.

Main technical specification of hydraulic hammer head


 Hydraulic hammer head manufacture

massay hammer

Massay hammer convert to be hydraulic hammer head

columns machining

machine the column guide to be "X"type

hammer anvil and column

hammer anvil and columns ready to be installed

Hydraulic hammer head forging video: 

16T Russia steam hammer convert to be 18T hydraulic hammer forge crankshaft video 


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