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hydraulic forging hammer column

Column is one of the most important part for forging hammer, Anyang Forging Press provide hydraulic forging hammer Column manufacture, maintenance, replacement, and any other customized service you need. We are the biggest forging machine manufacturer in China, since 1956. We provide 1 - 14 ton closed die hydraulic forging hammer and 1-18 ton open die hydraulic forging hammer. Hammer Column is suitable for Anyang hydraulic forging hammer, as well as other brand hydraulic hammer.

Column Material: AISI: 1035 CASTING STEEL

Production Process of Hydraulic Hammer Column

 Production Process of Hydraulic Hammer Column
hydraulic forging hammer column manufacturing
 hammer column manufacturer

Column Production Sight:

forging hammer column for sale

Partial List of Manufacturers Whose Equipment We Can Make(besides Anyang):

Not only prepare all sizes of Column for Anyang hydraulic forging hammer, we also can produce Columns for other brand hammers, such as: 
Chambersburg / Ceco  / Erie / Banning / Beche / B&S Massey / Eumuco / Nazel / MA series (Russia).
We can accept OEM product order.

How to Place Order for Columns:

  • Step 1. Customers provide spare parts drawings
  • Step 2. Confirm the material and heat treatment process
  • Step 3. Make Quotation (according to weight. ?USD/Ton).
  • Step 4. Seller make production drawing and confirmed weight and exact price with buyer.
  • Step 5. Sign contract.
  • Step 6. Prepare production and Delivery.


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