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Introduction of forging press:

It includes general hydraulic free forging press and special ring rolling blanking hydraulic press.General hydraulic free forging press is mainly used in metal open die forging,also used for bolster die forging,with functions of fast forging,normal forging and pressure keeping etc,satisfying various forging technical requirements,such as upsetting,drawing out,piercing,saddle forging,bending,offset forging etc.

Features of forging press:

  • Intellectualized PLC control system,with Human-Computer Interface touch screen.
  • Multilevel pressure discharging system,increase the equipment’s stability.
  • Easily got high forging depth.
  • Can match with manipulator to build forging line.
  • Three cross beam and four columns, high rigidity structure.
  • Multistage overloading protection system
  • Reliable electrical cooling system.
  • Can supply mobile and rotary worktable.
  • Long distance control in operating room,decrease labor intensity and improve working environment.
  • Convenient changing device of upper forging dies,increase production efficiency.

The main parameter of forging press:

Y13 PARAMETER -3.png


Forging Press Videos:

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