Anyang Forging Press since 1956, famous forging machine vendor in China
Forging Hammer and Press sold to USA,
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Anyang Forging Press Since 1956

China National Forging Hammer Standard Drafter

The purpose of Anyang Forging Press R & D Center is in order to promote the technology of Chinese forging industry, the basic mission is in order to revitalize Chinese forging industry, accelerate the research of high-tech, more energy saving, more efficient forging equipments, improve the capability of independent design for advanced forging equipments and transfer of technological achievements, and continue to supply whole set practical technical achievements for Chinese forging industry.

Main functions:

Combined with the implementation of major projects, strengthen the capability of developing practical technology, strengthen the capability of digestion, absorption and innovation for introduced technology, improve the capability of independent design for Chinese advanced forging equipment, innovation and achievement transformation. Technology development stimulate us go on, market demand perform as the guidance, set the high-tech products as the goal, get production, academia, and research combined with the scientific research system. Technological system and the personnel structure: there are 350 staff in R & D Center, doctor and master 30%, bachelor 65%, others 5%.

International exchanges and cooperation:

Under the guidance of the idea that independent research should be combined with introduced technology, our R & D Center keep good relationship with many famous forging equipments companies and research institutions in United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Japan, Russia... etc. What’s more, our R & D Center built relationships of regular visits and academic exchanges with some of them. Our R & D Center has 5 laboratories with lots of experimental and research equipments.

1. Complete science and technology development system

2. technical and people-oriented enterprise

Our company promulgated “Guidance On Strengthening The Construction Of Scientific And Technical Personnel”, which specifies following content: Train a number of leading technology personnel, create an environment emerging excellent technical personnel, widely to attract domestic and foreign technical personnel,found an complete the system of technical leaders, train and use young technical personnel, play the "mentoring" role of old experts and senior technical professionals in the growth of young technical personnel, strengthen the training of highly skilled personnel, establish the salary system according to technical elements and contributions. Untill 2010, our company owns 82 professional and technical personnel, including 8 masters, 49 bachelors, 10 senior professional engineers, 53 intermediate engineers, 65 technicians. These personnel are valuable knowledge wealth of our company.

3. Capital guarantee and equipment support

To enhance the capability of independent innovation, our company increased investment in research and development, 3% -5% of sales revenue is devoted to R & D center every year. The investment in research reached 15 million $ in 2008. Adequate capital ensures that our company is able to track international advanced technology concepts and advanced techniques, security forging Group has always stood in the forefront of industry technology, keeping our company always standing in the forefront of industry technology. As the old saying goes, “A workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well”, first-class technical equipments support the first-class technological level. Our company aim at the world advanced level and equipped with more than 400 units research, testing, processing and detecting equipment, including precision, large, rare equipment hundred sets. In order to increase the innovation capacity of R&D center, our company increased the investment in R&D center, specially increased investment of scientific research condition. On the the original basis of domestic first-level scientific research condition, our company increased investment to renew laboratory facilities, purchase scientific instruments and improve the working environment of technical staff.At the same time, in order to take the reins of advanced research method, PDM and OA management softwares were introduced to our company, which creates the conditions for digestion and absorption of introduced technology and innovation.

4. Achievement

5. Up to now, our company completed totally more than 200 scientific research achievement, got more than 100 technology achievement awards from country, provinces, ministries, municipalities.