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Recently, we have shipped a hydraulic head to India, this hydraulic power head is used on a C86YT-400 16ton hydraulic forging hammer, with the gradual alleviation of the epidemic situation in various countries, more and more products have been shipped to customer.

16ton forging hammer india anyang 16ton forging hammer india

Anyang Forging Press takes the responsibility from the moment the contract is signed with the customer, and never slack in the production of professional forging equipment. We try our best to manufacture every forging equipment for our customers so that they can produce high-quality and qualified products. It is our unshirkable responsibility to deliver goods to customers in time, arrange them at the customer site in time, and guide the installation and commissioning of various components. It is the greatest effect of us to benefit customers early.

Anyang Forging Press have attached great importance to sincere cooperation with customers at home and abroad for many years, and has achieved repeated purchases by customers. This Indian customer has been cooperating for 16 years since 2005, and has ordered a total of 15 sets of 560kg-2000kg power hammers, 5 ton electro-hydraulic hammer, 2-5 ton electro-hydraulic power heads of hydraulic forging hammer, and 3-16 ton full hydraulic power heads. The equipment forms a large forging hammer workshop in India for Anyang Forging Press.

16ton forging hammer india anyang 16ton forging hammer india
16ton forging hammer india anyang 16ton forging hammer india
16ton forging hammer india anyang 16ton forging hammer india

Unique Advantages of AFP CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer In Precision Forging

  • The full hydraulic power drive system avoids the exchange of oil and gas, and greatly improves the life of the hammer rod piston seal;
  • The back pressure of the upper die is very low during the return journey, and there is no boring phenomenon during the strike. The return speed and strike frequency are improved, and the production efficiency is high;
  • The unique X-shaped guide rail structure doubles the life of the forging hammer piston rod, from the original "wearable parts" to the current "longevity parts";
  • The blow valve adopts the principle of differential servo, the operating system is extremely flexible, and it is easy to control light and heavy blow;
  • The blow valve adopts an ingenious slide valve + poppet valve structure, which makes the system maintain a good pressure without increasing the oil temperature;
  • It has a good cost performance in the application of large and super large hammers. Domestic die forging hammers and free forging hammers of more than 16 tons are provided by An Forging Company.
  • Unique advantage: high cost performance, suitable for die forgings that do not require high hitting accuracy, especially forging of medium and large die forgings. 


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