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Similarity: Slideing block is drived up and down by screw rod, with simple structure, low maintenance cost, little vibration etc features.
1. Friction press structure is simple so price is low. But transmission efficiency is low, and the sliding block speed is only about 0.65m/s, return speed is 0.35 m/s.The friction 
belt easy to be wearn out, should be replaced frequently. Striking energy can not be controlled accurately and easily.
2. The friction press is operated manually by workers, with great labor intensity, difficult to control forgings quality, very rely on worker's experience.
3. The Forging energy of electric screw press can be precisely controlled by PLC, and the forming tolerance of forging pieces is small. Don't request operator own much experience. 
Every step of forge energy is controlled by PLC exactly.
4. Because electric screw press can accurate control striking energy, there is no extra energy released in the mold, that's why electric press can increases die life. Normally, friction press die life is generally can forge 4000 pieces, but electric screw press can up to 15000 pieces, even can be 50000 pieces.
5. The electric screw press can be programmed to forge, and can work repeatedly according to the inputing programm with multi-step.
6. When the sliding block of the electric screw press is at rest, the motor will stop working, so power consumption is low. It can save >=20% power than friction press.
7. Electric screw press has no lower dead point, it's easy to change the die without adjusting the height of the die. It is convenient to adjust the stroke.
8. Electric screw press can display striking force, to protect machine damage from overload. 
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