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 There are 3 methods of steel ball production : casting, forging, rolling, they are different on output, cost and quality:

Cast steel ball is polluted greatly, the density is low, easy to be worn, chromium element can improve wear resistance greatly, but cost will be higher, the casting method have to be changed because environmental protection.
Forging steel ball alwyas forged on air hammer. The investment is low, can start production sooner, but the production efficiency is low.
In order to improve high quality steel ball production, our company build professional research and development team to learn and absorb the domestic and foreign theoretical research achievements. After years of precipitation, we finally  produced - steel ball skew rolling line for steel balls. it mainly used to make steeel balls high-efficiency production. The steel ball produced by this machine line own good dimensional consistency, high material utilization rate and low core-surface hardness. Steel ball skew rolling mill is suitable for the production of steel ball (medium carbon steel, manganese steel). The steel balls produced are widely used in mining, steel plant, chemical industry, building materials, cement, metallurgy, thermal power plant and other industries, equipped with automatic feeding equipment, heating furnace, automatic quenching system and tempering system, it's one automatic production of steel balls. this line can produce metal balls from 30mm to 120mm. It not only welcomed in desmatic, but also export to Vietnam, Turkey, Armenia, Indonesia, Chile, Zambia etc countries. Recently, our company just completed the installation and commissioning of three production lines of steel ball skew rolling mill in the Iranian customer.
Hot rolled steel ball production line
steel ball machine


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