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Heat treatment of forging die is an important process to guarantee the performance of die, which has a direct impact on the manufacturing precision, strength, working life and manufacturing cost of the forging die. Since the 1980s, the rapid development of international forging die heat treatment technology is vacuum heat treatment technology, die surface strengthening technology and mold materials pre-hardening technology.
1. Vacuum heat treatment technology of mold
Vacuum heat treatment technology is a new heat treatment technology developed in recent years. It has the characteristics that are urgently needed in mold manufacturing, such as preventing heating oxidation and non-decarburization, vacuum degassing or degassing, eliminating hydrogen embrittlement, thus improving the plasticity, toughness and fatigue strength of materials (parts).Factors such as slow vacuum heating and small internal and external temperature difference of parts determine the small deformation of parts caused by the vacuum heat treatment process.
The main applications of die vacuum heat treatment are vacuum oil quenching, vacuum gas quenching and vacuum tempering.The selection and formulation of coolant and cooling process is very important to maintain the excellent properties of vacuum heating of workpieces (such as molds).For the die working surface that is not machined after heat treatment, vacuum tempering should be adopted as much as possible after quenching, especially for the workpiece (die) after vacuum quenching, which can improve the mechanical properties related to the surface quality, such as fatigue performance, surface brightness and corrosion resistance.
The successful development and application of the computer simulation technology of the heat treatment process makes the intelligent heat treatment of the mold possible.Because of the small batch (even single part) of the mold production, the characteristics of multiple varieties, and high requirements on the heat treatment performance and do not allow waste, the mold intelligent heat treatment has become a necessity.Foreign industrial developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, etc., have developed rapidly in the aspect of vacuum high-pressure gas quenching, mainly aiming at mold.
Surface treatment technology of mold
The surface property of the mold is very important to the working performance and service life of the mold except that the matrix is required to have a reasonable fit of high strength and toughness.The surface treatment technology of mold is a systematic engineering to change the shape, chemical composition, structure and stress state of the mold surface through surface coating, surface modification or composite treatment technology, so as to obtain required surface performance.At present, nitriding, carburizing and sclerosing film deposition are mainly used in die manufacturing.
Because the nitriding technology can form the surface with excellent performance, and the nitriding technology is in good coordination with the quenching process of the die steel. At the same time, the temperature of nitriding is low, there is no need of intense cooling after nitriding, and the deformation of the die is very small.
Mold carburizing treatment
Mold carburizing is to improve the mold's overall strength and toughness, that is, the mold's working surface has high strength and wear resistance.At present, the most mature technique is CVD and PVD.Molds have been used since the 1980s to coat hardened film technology.Under the condition of current technology, hardening film deposition techniques (mainly is the cost of the equipment) is higher, is only applied on some precision, long life molds, if adopt the way of setting up heat treatment center, the coating will greatly reduce the cost of hardening membrane, more die if using this technique, can improve the level of mould manufacturing in China as a whole.
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