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 Forming technology and equipment of China hot closed die forging industry
1 the status of hot closed die forging
At present, the domestic hot die forging technology has been able to meet the general requirements of the automobile industry in terms of product quantity and precision, but there is a big gap with developed countries in product accuracy, material utilization rate and heating efficiency. And the gap is obvious in terms of reducing labor intensity, improving working conditions, and improving labor productivity and automation etc . At present, China still focuses on manual operation with relatively low level of automation technology.Special research on energy conservation and emission reduction was carried out relatively late, with a larger gap. 
2 prediction of hot closed die forging
There is great space for the development of hot forging technology in China.It is the main content of research and development to develop heat precision forming such as closed die forging, improve the precision of forming, improve the utilization rate of materials, improve the level of automation, reduce energy consumption and pollutant emission.In the next 20 years, the advanced forming technologies corresponding to the above requirements, such as closed die forging, high speed hot upsetting forging, isothermal forging, multi-direction precision die forging, high-temperature alloy, titanium alloy forming technologies, will be rapidly developed.
3 target of hot closed die forging
Base on learning from foreign advanced technology to make our country's uniqueness and innovative hot forging forming technology, and equipment manufacturing, automotive, aerospace and other industrial development synchronization, actively developing hot precision forging, hot forging forming technology reached the international advanced level, some technology reached the international leading level, the formation of hot forging forming technology system with Chinese characteristics.In 2020, the utilization rate of materials will increase by 3% to 5%, and the energy consumption per ton of forging will decrease by 10%.In 2030, the utilization rate of materials will increase by 5% to 8%, and the energy consumption per ton of forging will decrease by 15%.

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