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Anyang Forging Press Since 1956

China National Forging Hammer Standard Drafter

 Anyang Forging Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1956. It has produced more than 30,000 products for customers all over the world. The products are distributed in 74 countries and more than 10,000 users. We can provide users with "consulting - planning - design - manufacturing - installation and commissioning - after-sales service" turnkey projects, and provide forging equipment upgrades, automation and other services. The main products include Hydraulic forging hammer, Hydraulic forging hammer modification, CNC die forging hammer, Electric screw press, Hydraulic free forging press, Pneumatic hammer, loading and unloading machine, Forging manipulator, Ring rolling machine and so on. At present, more than 40 sets of various types of equipment are running in Russia.
With the promotion of Anyang Forging Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd in Russia, we are ready to recruit partners across Russia. All companies and individuals in Russia who meet the following conditions are approved by our company will recognize the qualifications of their regional franchisees. After signing the Agent Agreement, they can carry out marketing activities. The Agreement period is one year and the expiration will be continued.
The qualifications or conditions that a regional franchisee should have:
1.Companies or individuals engage in related to the forging industry in their respective regions: such as Research Institutes with factory design qualifications; companies or individuals who design and manufacture dies; distribution of forging equipment (including second hand equipment), forging auxiliary equipment, raw materials for forging, dies materials; or companies and individuals who perform repairs and modifications to forging equipment;
2. Familiar with the forging industry in the region and have the ability to develop the market independently;
3. Have good product promotion capabilities;
4. Have good communication skills in English or Chinese;
5. Strictly abide by the company's unified marketing plan;
6. No distribution of other competitors’ products during the agency period.
The rights of regional franchisees:
1. Anyang Company provides quality products and favourable prices to agents;
2. Anyang Company provides timely pre-sales technical support and reliable after-sales service to agents;
3. Anyang Company provides localized sales support: regularly participate in Russian industrial exhibitions; hold customer on-site meetings; and dispatch professional marketing and technical teams to visit the final customers at least 2-3 times according to the market development of each agent, provide sales and technical support;
4. Provide technical and sales training to agents;
5. Provide a flexible sales model.



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