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What is Rolled Ring Forging?

Rolled ring forging is a kind of hot forgings. It is a rolled ring object that metal blank is subjected to external force, which is transformed into suitable compressive force by the requirement of plastic deformation moulding. This force is typically achieved by the use of ring making machine. The forging process builds fine grain structure and improves the physical properties of metals. Rolled ring forgings can be seen everywhere in our daily life, they are industrial products.

what is rolled ring forging

What are Rolled Rings Used for?

Rolled ring forging products are widely used in machinery, automobiles, trains, ships, petrochemical industry, aviation, aerospace, atomic energy, wind power and many other industrial fields. Ring materials are usually carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, cobalt alloy, nickel-based alloy, superalloy and so on.

Rolled ring forgings used in diesel engine. Diesel engine is a kind of power machinery, which is often used as engine. Taking a large diesel engine as an example, more than ten kinds of forgings are used, such as cylinder head, spindle neck, crankshaft end flange output shaft, connecting rod ring forgings, piston rod, piston head, cross pin shaft, crankshaft transmission gear, gear ring forgings, intermediate gear and oil dyeing pump body.

Marine ring forgings. Marine forgings are divided into three categories: main engine forgings, shaft forgings and rudder forgings. The main engine forgings are the same as the diesel engine forgings. Shaft forgings include thrust shaft ring forgings, intermediate shaft rolled ring forgings, stern shaft forgings, etc. Rudder system forgings include rudder rod forging, rudder post forgings, rudder pin ring forgings, etc.

Rolled ring forging for weapons. Forging plays an extremely important role in the weapon industry. By weight, 60% of the parts in tanks are forgings. Artillery barrel, muzzle brake and tail, rifled barrel and three-edged bayonet, rocket and submarine deep-water bomb launching device and fixing seat, stainless steel valve body for nuclear submarine high pressure cooler, artillery shell, bullet and so on are forged products. In addition to steel forgings, weapons are also made of other materials.

Petrochemical ring forgings. Forging is widely used in petrochemical equipment. For example, manholes and flanges of spherical storage tanks, tubes and plates needed by heat exchangers, whole forged cylinders (pressure vessels) of catalytic cracking reactor with butt welded flanges, barrel joints used in hydrogenation reactor, top cover, bottom cover and head needed by chemical fertilizer equipment are all forgings.

Mine rolled ring forgings. According to the weight of equipment, the proportion of forgings in mining equipment is 12-24%. Mine equipment include mining equipment, hoisting equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, washing equipment, sintering equipment.

Nuclear power annular forgings. Nuclear power is divided into pressurized water reactor and boiling water reactor. The main large forgings of nuclear power plant can be divided into pressure shell and reactor internals. Pressure shell includes: cylinder flange, nozzle section, nozzle, upper cylinder body, lower cylinder body, transition section of cylinder body, bolts, etc. Reactor internals work under severe conditions such as high temperature, high pressure, strong neutron radiation, water borate corrosion, scouring and hydraulic vibration. Therefore, 18-8 Austenitic stainless steel should be selected to make them.

Thermal power rolled ring forgings. There are four key forgings in thermal power equipment, namely, the rotor and retaining ring of the turbogenerator, and the impeller and the rotor of the turbine.

Hydropower ring forgings. The important forgings in the equipment of hydroelectric power station are the large axle of hydraulic turbine, the large axle of hydroelectric generator, mirror plate, thrust head, etc.

seamless rolled ring making machine

Seamless Flange Rolled Ring Forging

bearing ring making machine

Bearing Ring Forging

Increased demand for rolled ring forgings

In recent years, the rolled ring forging industry has been developing rapidly in the fields of power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other related industries by adjusting the product structure, increasing the added value of products, reforming and eliminating high pollution, high energy consumption and low efficiency equipment, and investing in large-scale equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. Correcting the development mode of relying on resources and sacrificing environment and vigorously developing renewable energy such as nuclear power and wind power provide a good opportunity for the development of large forging industry.

The production of the whole ring forging industry has been rising continuously for several years. The supply of products is in short supply. Especially the key large forging products show a worldwide shortage. Enterprises with large forging manufacturing resources have become an important resource for the world to compete for. In China, the economic benefits of the whole industry have improved significantly, and the industry has obtained a rare opportunity for development. The output of products, the value of new product development and the main economic indicators of the whole industry have continuously reached a new high in the history of the large forging industry.

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Best Ring Making Machine Manufacturer in China

With the increased demand of rolled rings and intense competition in ring forging industry, the demand to ring making machine is also higher and higher. Only with the continuous improvement of ring making machine and ring rolling process can ring forging quality be improved continuously, and rolled ring forging enterprises can gain greater advantages in the fierce forging market competition.

What is Ring Making Machine?

Ring making machine (also known as ring rolling machine) is a plastic processing technology machine which uses ring rolling mill to produce continuous local plastic deformation of the ring, thereby realizing the reduction of wall thickness, diameter enlargement and cross-section profile forming. The process is suitable for the production of ring mechanical parts of various shapes and sizes, such as bearing rings, gear rings, flanges, hub, thin-walled cylindrical parts, wind power flanges, high neck flanges and other seamless ring forgings.

Anyang Forging Press is the best and biggest hot forging machine manufacturer in China. With more than 60 years development and experiences in forging industry, our ring making machine have been welcomed by more and more customers at home and abroad. 

Advantages of Anyang Ring Making Machine

  • Equipment tonnage is small, processing range is large. Ring rolling process is the accumulation of continuous small deformation under local pressure. The contact area between workpiece and die is small, so the deformation force needed is small and the tonnage of equipment is small.
  • The material utilization rate is high. The cross-section shape of ring rolling is closer to the finished product, and the processing allowance is small.
  • The product quality is good. The metal fibers of the rolling ring are continuously distributed along the circumference direction, which is suitable for the force and wear of the parts when they are used. In most cases, the internal structure of the rolling ring is compact, the grain size is fine, and the comprehensive mechanical properties are obviously higher than those of the ring processed by other methods.
  • Good working conditions and high productivity. Ring rolling is similar to hydrostatic rolling, which has no impact, vibration, low noise, easy operation, high mechanization and automation, and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.
  • The production cost is low. Compared with free forging, it has lower material consumption, lower energy consumption, lower comprehensive production cost and better economic benefits.
  • Now the largest ring making machine in China is D53K-12000, which can roll 50 tons of rings, and the maximum outer circle can reach 1200 mm.

There are two kinds of ring making machine that Anyang Forging Press manufactures, vertical ring making machine and horizontal ring making machine.

Vertical ring making machine

 vertical ring making machine manufacturer in China

D51series radial ring making machine (also called vertical ring making machine) is suitable for the production of rings in the field of automobile, machinery, oil and gas, chemical etc, it can produce the rings with rectangular cross-section and special section such as bearing rings, gear blanks, flat flanges, weld-neck flanges etc, with features of once rolling, higher production efficiency, higher precision blanks. 

D51 ring making machine is widely used in bearing forging industry. All kinds of bearing rings, whether outer or inner, can be rolled. The raceway and retaining edge of the ring can also be rolled out accordingly.

Horizontal ring making machine

 horizontal automatic ring making machine manufacturer in China

D53 series horizontal ring making machine is a CNC radial and axial ring making machine. It adopts CNC technology to roll the ring from radial and axial together. It is used to produce large size rolled ring forgings such as bearings, flanges and ball valves.

Anyang Forging Press has exported our ring making machine to Russia, South Korea, Romania, Belgium, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Turkey, etc. We provide customized service and turn-key service, if you have any needs on ring making machine, please feel free to contact us.

Anyang Ring Making Machine in Belgium


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