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An opening or a sleeve hole for holding a bolt or nut is arranged at one or both ends of the wrench handle. When using, an external force is applied to the handle along the thread rotation direction, and the bolt or nut can be turned. Although the structure of spanner is simple, it plays an important role in people's daily life.
At present, there are two kinds of wrench spanner manufacturing processes: one is casting, the other is wrench spanner forging process.

Is Spanner / Wrench Cast or Forged?

1, Spanner wrench casting process

casting picture

Melt the bar into liquid state, then pour it into the die cavity with spanner shape, and wait for it to solidify to form a complete spanner.
Disadvantages of cast spanner
The hardness and wear resistance of the cast spanner are relatively poor. If you want to increase the hardness and wear resistance, you need to add chromium (CR), but the price of chromium is very high, adding chromium will increase the cost of the spanner, so that the economic growth of the cast spanner in the market will decrease.

2, Spanner wrench forging process
Heat the bar, and then put it on the closed die drop forging hammer or other die forging equipment for forging. After initial forging and precision forging, the bar can be directly forged into spanner or wrench.
Advantages of spanner wrench forging process:
Because of the high speed of forging hammer and the high variation of wrench shape, the internal structure of wrench is fully changed and the forging density is increased. Therefore, the spanner wrench forged by CNC closed die drop forging hammer has high hardness and strong wear resistance.

Spanner Wrench Forging Is Better than Casting

The forging surface quality is higher than the casting quality, and the forging streamline is that the bearing load of the forging can be greater, so the forging advantage of hardware wrench manufacturing is greater than the casting process.


Closed Die Drop Forging Hammer for Spanner Wrench Forging

CNC full hydraulic closed die drop forging hammer is a modern program-controlled precision forging equipment, controlled by PLC, with high precision; forging energy can be digitally controlled, which is the main forging equipment for a series of precision forgings such as automobiles, aerospace, aviation, hand tools, motorcycles, etc. CNC die forging hammer can also cooperate with robot to form a full-automatic production line, reduce labor costs, save costs for enterprises, and make forgings have more market advantages.
Anyang Forging Group is the largest manufacturer of CNC closed die drop forging hammer and program-controlled precision forging equipment in China. It is the drafting and customization unit of national standard of CNC drop forging hammer. At present, the forging equipment produced by Anyang forging Press has been exported to 74 countries in the world.


Advantages of Anyang CNC closed die drop forging hammer

  • Precise control of strike energy of numerical control hammer, small forging tolerance, high material utilization rate and long die life.
  • The CNC hammer adopts X-shaped guide rail, which can be forged with multi-mode cavity, with high forging accuracy and long hammer rod life.
  • Programming and setting of numerical control hammer strike energy, simple operation, low skill requirements for operators.
  • The numerical control hammer head has the function of slow rise and slow fall, so it is very convenient to install the mold.
  • The hydraulic system of numerical control hammer is highly integrated and covers a small area.
  • CNC hammer and robot can form an automatic forging production line.

Spanner Wrench Drop Forging Hammer Design Solution
Anyang Forging Press can provide the full design, manufacture, installation, training, afters-sale service for you spanner or wrench forging. Our automatic forging line is also famous all over the world, we can supply turn-key service for your forging automation production line, no matter you want to forge spanner, wrench, monkey spanner, ratchet wrench, open end ratchet wrench, socket wrench, contact us and just tell us your requirement, professional engineers in Anyang Forging Press will design the best solution for you, you only need to wait for the final spanner wrench forging and get your profit!


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