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In 2020, a new yera has arrived, AFP with our expectations and hopes for a better future.
In 2019, APF had been 63 years. Ups and downs and tribulations along the way, growth and development all the way, dedicated the hard work and sweat of several generations of AFP people, even without the support and recognition of upstream and downstream partners.
In 2019, AFP use scientific management tools to promote the improvement of production management level, the optimization of employee remuneration structure, and greatly enhanced team coordination and cohesion. The annual production output value increased by 22% compared with last year. 2019 sales is good thanks for support of the technical team and others.
In 2019, AFP team conducted a systematic strategic discussion, and proposed strategic goals and planning measures from various aspects such as marketing, production, quality, management, human resources, and corporate culture, reshaping the company's vision, mission, and core values, and developing clearly. Direction, aiming at the point of force by focusing on the target.
In 2020, a new starting point calls for new missions and responsibilities, and the goal of struggle gathers confidence and strength. With this strength, AFP team must continue to innovate, and make AFP ahead towards the mission of “making forging greener, more efficient and easier”, with the value of “win-win, leadership, enthusiasm and recognition” Philosophy, and strive to achieve the ambitious vision of "serving 10,000+ forging companies worldwide and becoming the world's first brand of forging equipment"; with this strength, AFP must focus on achieving three transformations in thinking and eight upgrades in management. With this strength, APF people will join hands to work hard and work hard to make  construction more efficient, better and more dynamic.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely wish the AFP workers' family Happy New Year!
Ms.Liu Wei.

January 1, 2010



















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