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Government issues ruling on Anyang ST and Jia Hua Forging Press Manufacturing Company.  

Anyang Forging Press Company (AFP) started designing and manufacturing the new “L” designed pneumatic power hammer in 2015.  This work was a result of collaboration between our engineers, James Johnson (USA), Bruce Beamish (Australia), and John Nicholson (UK).  In 2017 three sales employees quit AFP and joined Jia Hua Forging Press Manufacturing Company.  After a lengthy investigation, the government determined that these employees illegally took design drawings and other proprietary information that was owned by AFP and violated confidentiality agreements.  As a result of this investigation, the China government found Jai Hua and the ex-AFP employees guilty of copying the AFP design and other infractions and have forced the manufacturer to stop manufacturing copies of our hammers and has also imposed a fine for the many infringements.  Jai Hua also fired the former AFP employees.  There will be further legal action against the ST trading company and the former AFP employees.



Following are the translation of clarifycation From Jiahua

Declaration of Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

To: Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd:

Since our company established in 2017, we hired the former employees of Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Co., Ltd named Han Xinzheng, Liu Haiyang(ST owner), Chang Baoping etc, those person occupied important positions in our company, virtually took use of your company technique, linked suppliers and business information etc important information of your key products(pneumatic forging hammers), which formed and developed competition in international markets with your company, especially brought market disorder in USA, infracted your legitimate interest seriously, in this connection, our company declare below: 

  • We are sincerely apologize for our infringement act, brought adverse effect to the production and sales of your company that caused by the fact of our improper employment. 
  • Since now, our company stopped all the production and business cooperation with Anyang ST Forging Press Machinery Co., Ltd. 
  • Dismiss all the former employees of your company and removal from office, launch the investigations on them to judge whether they violated the competition restrictions of labour contract. 
  • Cooperate with government actively on the investigation, and sincerely discuss with your company to obtain win-win cooperation.
  • Agree to use this declaration in Pneumatic Forging Hammer Industry.

Hereby Declare

Anyang Jiahua Forging Press Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Corporate Representative: (Signature)

Zhang Gengchen

Date: June 16, 2020

clarifycation about anyang forging press power hammer




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