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As one the the most famous blacksmith forging machine manufacturer, AFP blacksmith power forging hammer and hydraulic forging press have been well received since they have came out, more and more friends trust us, and choose to be our distributor, one of them is our Australian exclusive distributor, Mr. Bruce Beamish. Mr. Bruce loves forging, he has been engaged in forging for decades of years, after using our machine, he highly praised our products and chose to be our distributor in Australia and New Zealand. Up to now, he has been our distributor for more than ten years.


forging hammer for Australia

forging hammer for Australia

During decades of cooperation, Mr. Bruce is committed to the promotion and sales of AFP machine in Australia and New Zealand. He sells hundreds of hammers and presses every year, so that more and more customers know AFP , choose AFP and fall in love with AFP forging machine. At the same time, with years of experience in forging industry, he has provided a lot of valuable technical guidance and suggestions for our equipment upgrading and new machine development. As one of the technical consultants, he comes to Anyang factory for technical exchange every year, and makes great contribution to the development of our company. At the same time, we also have had a deep friendship.

forging hammer for Australia

Bruce is having technical discussion with Indian customer

AFP blacksmith forging hammer in Australia


AFP blacksmith forging hammer in Australia

AFP blacksmith forging hammer

AFP power hammer is widely used in forging for small steel pipe, construction, hardware, electrical appliances, railway and other industries, forging of agricultural machinery tools in blacksmith shop, and upsetting, drawing, punching, shearing and bending of small free forging. Our forging hammer from 9kg to 2000kg are available.


AFP hydraulic forging press for blacksmith

Open die forging hydraulic presses of less than 100 tons are currently very popular in the field of small forging abroad. Relying on years of experience in forging equipment export, combined with the actual needs of small forging customers at home and abroad, Anyang Forging Press specially developed the Y04 series of open die forging hydraulic presses in 2017. The design experience of a small hydraulic press of less than 100 tons comes from the large hydraulic press of 800 tons or more that AFP has produced and sold for many years. The same design and manufacturing requirements, high quality assurance starting point, are more suitable for the multiple needs of customers such as blacksmiths and individual iron strikers. They provide more forging equipment options besides power forging hammers.



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