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From October 20 to 22, 2020, "2020 Shanghai Hardware Tools Exhibition" will be held in Shanghai Hongqiao International Convention and Exhibition Center. Covering an area of 90000 square meters, it is expected that 1500 + world-class tool manufacturers will participate in the exhibition.

The exhibition is sponsored by Shanghai Zhongheng Exhibition and Shanghai Continental Tools Development Co., Ltd. the purpose of the exhibition is to help the rapid development of China's tool hardware industry and the cooperation and upgrading of global tool hardware industry, promote China's high-quality tool hardware products and brands to go abroad, and meet the global terminal consumption demand.

Anyang Forging Press Company will participate in the exhibition, booth: Hall 8.2 B050.

The CNC Fully Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer produced by Anyang Forging Press Company has the following advantages and is widely used in many Forging Hardware enterprises in domestic and foreign countries.

The unique striking valve system makes the repetition precision of striking energy extremely high;

The forging striking can realize "numerical control" programming, and the CNC system can be connected to the Internet and remote control can be realized;

The U-shaped frame and X-shaped guide rail make the forging precision extremely high and can be forged with multi-mode cavity;

High frequency of strikes, making production more efficient;

The ram can be up and down slowly at any time, making it more convenient, fast and safe to replace or adjust the mold;

The short stroke striking function, vibration mode function and anti misoperation safety module are the unique technologies of Anyang Forging Press Company;

It can realize automation;


Unique advantages: precise control of energy, high precision of forging, small vibration and automation.

C92K-31.5kJ CNC Forging Hammer Production Line In Turkey

                                                         C92K-31.5kJ CNC Forging Hammer Production Line In Turkey

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CNC Die forging hammer


Anyang Forging Press Company can provide complete solutions from forging process consulting, equipment R & D and manufacturing, installation and maintenance services, automation /

intelligent upgrade services for domestic and foreign forging users.

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