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Anyang Forging Press was founded in the 1950’s, it is a well-known "old enterprise" in the hot forging equipment field. "Old" can be a kind of "time-honored" brand equity or a declining corporate image. Definitely, we are the former, meanwhile we have been striving not to be the latter.


As an enterprise of more than 60 years, it has made many remarkable achievements:  high-tech enterprise, drafter of four national standards, pneumatic hammer national highest quality award, etc. If we just lie on the merits of history, we will become conservative. It appears inevitably in the reality that "relying on old technology and old products to compete in the market" and "relying on old ideas and experience to manage enterprises". But this is an era of competition for the speed of technological innovation,   product upgrades, and business management innovation. Customer demands are updating, competitors are improving, if we do not pay attention to any aspect, it may lead to the decline of the enterprise. Fortunately, Anyang Forging Press have always maintained this sense of crisis and are ready to "transform" at any time.


At the end of 2019, when we are on the way to enter another new decade, we discussed the strategic direction, organized internal and external resource and conditions, established the "four new" development policy of "new ideas, new images, new products, and new services". Anyang forging press restart!



New ideas: The vision of "serve for thousands of forging companies in the world and becomes a world-renowned brand of forging equipment" makes our goal more clear. For more than 60 years since founded, our market share in the field of hot forging equipment has been in the forefront of the world, but "makes forging more green, higher efficient and much easier" has become our company's new mission and responsibility, which guides and drives us continuously to invest in product development and service innovation. The core values of "Leading, Win-Win, Enthusiasm, Identify", and the operation and performance concept of "result-oriented, performance-oriented" have become the measurement standard of Anyang Forging Press team's execution ability, the guarantee for the implementation of new strategies, and the "ideological weapon" that drives Anyang Forging Press for learning growth and income growth.


New images: With the goal of continuously improving customer experience, we proposed to comprehensively improve company image, brand image, product image, and employee image. We have been benchmark studying, reorganizing workshops and warehouses, gradually improving the office environment, beautifying the factory area, greening gardens, building product experience centers and R&D centers, in order to have an entirely new image for customers who come to visit us to have a better experience for soft and hard power. At the same time, we actively introduced professional talents, and carried out a new brand building . We adopt new brand concepts to guide the innovation and upgrade of the products. We built our industry responsibility and brand image in the field of forging equipment in China. Started from a new generation of more intelligent Electric Screw Press, we will comprehensively update and design the appearance of products, upgrade product technology, and enhance the internal and external image and reputation of the products. Through learning, training and standard study to enhance the professional quality of employees, and create a more professional, enthusiastic and considerate employee image.


New products:  Make Anyang Forging Press to have the sustainable vitality. Facing the severe situation of environmental protection and labor shortage, our new generation of Electric Screw Press is "rigidity” & “Precise”, we can provide customers the general solution with automated production lines. This is also our "explosive product" grandly launched at Metal Form China 2020. Compared with competing products, it has better rigidity and strength, better forging precision and smarter control system.The new generation of Electric Screw Press has "rigidity" and "precision", which will surely help customers "wisely" win the future. At the same time, we have launched a comprehensive upgrade plan for all series of products to accelerate product innovation and upgrade.“Comparing with Germany, Forging Chinese Precision.”This is the best explanation of  our products, and it is also our long-term advantage that should to keep.


New services: Besides "tangible products", based on the experience of serving customers in more than 80 countries and regions around the world, we launched firstly professional technical consulting services and rapid supply of original factory quality accessories. We provide customers with solutions of "high labor costs, higher energy consumption, higher environmental risks" and "lower awareness of production flexibility, lower utilization of forging materials, lower intelligence equipment ". We have been providing the most professional technical consulting services with low cost include the investment, construction, and transformation of factories, production lines or equipment for forging companies. In response to the chaotic supply market of forging equipment accessories and the poor customer service experience, we launched the "spare parts quick supply service and spare parts mall", with the concept of "refuse to wait, bid farewell to stoppages".We achieve regular spare parts spot sales and reduce the waiting time of the customized pictures by more than half compared with the past. Using "big data", according to the life of wearing parts, we send inventory warning to customers in time. The innovative service promoted by Anyang Forging Press aims to provide global customers with "one-stop life-long service", so that customers have a better experience and become a more reliable choice for customers.


Some people may think that "1950s" Anyang Forging Press is "getting old", but we are actually young. On the road of achieving thousands of customers around the world, We are constantly innovating and creating new products. Some people may think that the team led by the 1980s is "too young". In fact, we have grown up. On the road of becoming a "world famous brand", we keep growing and climbing. Anyang Forging Press restarts, and wins the future with global customers. 



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