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On November 17, 2020, China International Metal Forming Exhibition was ceremoniously opened, Anyang Forging Press Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. displayed in front of the public with a new looking, attracting many experts, scholars and forging manufacturers to watch. At the same time, it gave us more enlightenment and help, we also gained a lot.


1. New products. The products on display include not only CNC Forging Hammer, Electro-Hydraulic Forging Hammer, other forging equipment, but also the Electric Screw Press and CNC Forging Automation Production Line. Let visitors know that Anyang Forging Press Company can provide free forging, die forging, ring forging equipment, auxiliary forging equipment, and the complete set of production line equipment and processes.



2. New product image. No matter forging hammer or electric screw press, they are presented to the visitors with brand-new appearance, which is refreshing.


3. New function modules. The Electric Screw Press and CNC Forging Production Line exhibited have many module functions, such as remote monitoring, precise control of ejection stroke, final forging temperature measurement system, forging thickness measurement system, intelligent module, forging process setting, etc. It not only broadens people's vision, but also provides solution for forging enterprise owners.


4. New service content. We not only supply the single forging equipment and CNC automatic forging production line, but also we provide the fast and high-quality spare parts, as well as professional and thoughtful maintenance services and forging process, technology, counselling services. These new service contents, as an important highlight, have attracted a lot of customers to visit and negotiate.


5. New experience. We showed remote monitoring system on our exhibition platform, and set up a function module experience desk. which greatly raise up the user's enthusiasm and enhanced the user's experience.


6.New gains. In one day, visitors and consultants kept coming. Our reception staff, especially engineers, were busy and received many inquiries.


What a day of harvest!


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