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The crowds of visitors on the 1st day were constantly surging, leading to higher enthusiasm on the second day. All present personnel are engaged in the work of reception, communication and negotiation. They are still busy, passion and happy.


The《 vidue Live Video》of Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry also did a key interview with our company's chairman Ms. Liu Wei at the exhibition.In the interview, Ms. Liu Wei mainly introduced the company's development ideas and business philosophy:


1. New ideas 

At the end of 2019, Anyang Forging Press discussed and formulated the company’s mission and vision. The company's mission is: to make forging greener, more efficient and easy; the company's vision: "Serve thousands of forging companies worldwide and become a world-renowned brand of forging equipment."

2. New images:

Through the exhibition, Anyang Forging Press wants to present to new and old customers and forging factories not only of the product appearance change, but also the image of the team. The overall upgrade of corporate culture image and corporate internal and external image.

3. New products:

"Chinese Hammer" is our leading product. This year, we have also fully launched the electric screw press and automated production line which have been polishing in the technology for several years.

In this new type of product, the design adds practical functions such as detection, precision control, various signal acquisition, intelligent modules, remote monitoring, etc., which can realize real-time monitoring of the performance of the equipment itself, on-line inspection and maintenance, and fault alarms, which are convenient for maintenance. There are also various production data displays, making it easier to count production capacity.





图片15_副本.png4. New services:

In addition to "tangible products", Anyang Forging Press organized a professional technical team to provide new and old customers with professional technical advice on new plant construction, equipment relocation, etc., to help customers optimize their plans and avoid detours. Our company has also built a heart-warming after-sales service team for customers. It is our goal to solve problems quickly and efficiently for customers.

Our company's chairman Ms. Liu Wei said: Thanks to Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry for providing us with this opportunity, and thanks to hundreds of new and old customers for their support and help. Although the epidemic has brought us a lot of difficulties, we believe in the opportunity in crisis, and more importantly, we believe that Man is the master of his own fate. Difficulties will always pass!

Finally, I wish everyone happiness and health, and bravely create brilliant.

Welcome to come to the museum to experience, and welcome to investigation, visit, experience in Anyang Forging Press.



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