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On November 20th, MetalForm China Exhibition was closed successfully at Beijing International Exhibition Center. Anyang Forging Press (Group) Machinery Industry Co.,Ltd has made careful preparations and made a brilliant appearance with "New concepts, New images, New products, New services", and the Electric Screw Press Automatic Production Line has become a highlight in the industry. The ingenious design and testing, precision control, various signal acquisition, intelligent modules, remote monitoring and other practical functions and production management modules have attracted many customers stop to watch and consult negotiations.

The intelligent control system independently developed by Anyang Forging Press can be used for electric screw presses, CNC full hydraulic die forging hammers, single machines or production lines. It consists of multiple modules which are optional for users. Anyang Forging Press's intelligent forging production line was designed as per customers’ needs, customized, high reliability, high efficiency, high precision production of forgings required by customers, and provide the greatest flexibility for product adjustments. Together with customers, we are both rigid and precise, intelligent for the future.
During the exhibition, many buyers brought pain points and technical problems in the production process of forging hammers and presses. After the guidance and process optimization of  Anyang Forging Press’s Technical Team, many customers were greatly satisfied and reached the purchase intention on the spot. 
This is a feast of the industry, but also a journey of harvest. At this exhibition, Anyang Forging Press received many inquiries, and also brought back many valuable opinions from end users and cooperating manufacturers.
Anyang Forging Press's series of forging hammers have achieved long-term development in the forging industry, with outstanding achievements and 65 years of brand accumulation. With good market operation capabilities, the electric screw presses and automatic production lines we have launched in recent years have also been well received by users. Even so, we know that "there is a long way to go." We will also be market-oriented, improve the level of lean management and technological innovation, with the values of "win-win, leadership, enthusiasm and recognition", accelerate the process of Anyang forging Press’s brand building, and create more high-quality products to serve users and friends.


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