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To become an international first-class enterprise, the share of overseas market is an important consideration standard.Export strategy has always been one of Anyang Forging Press long-term strategies for sustainable development.
Anyang Forging Press follows the business tenet of "Technology innovation first, product quality first, product sales first, and after-sales service first" to provide domestic and foreign customers with a variety of forging equipment products with complete specifications, high quality and low prices. It is exported to more than 80 countries and regions such as Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Russia, and is highly praised by users. In early December, Anyang Forging Press Company completed the assembly of more than 20 small pneumatic hammers and hydraulic presses, waiting for export.


Features and application range of small blacksmith pneumatic hammer and small hydraulic press :
The pneumatic hammer has small volume, low noise, reasonable structure and convenient operation. Suitable for all kinds of free forging: such as extension, upsetting, punching, shearing, forging welding, torsion, bending, etc., all kinds of open die forging (tire die forging) can be carried out by using cushion die.Small hydraulic hammers are mainly used for iron forging.
Anyang forging Press small hydraulic press is specially designed for blacksmith shops and small free forging processes. The size ranges from 25 tons, 50 tons, 75 tons and 100 tons. It has small size, convenient movement, low oil consumption, high forging efficiency and low noise.


The small air hammers and small hydraulic presses produced by Anyang Forging Press are very suitable for small wrought iron workshops. They are not only suitable for township enterprises and master blacksmiths to forge small farm tools such as sickles, cow horseshoes, and hoes, but also suitable for wrought iron lovers to forge various metal works of art .



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