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The development of screw press 

The screw press originated in Germany in the 15th century and is one of the oldest forming equipment with a very long history of development.

Entering the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology, the technological content of the screw press is getting higher and higher, and it has developed vigorously, forming a variety of varieties, complete specifications, and gradually showing the degree of automation. It continues to contribute to the progress of human civilization.

In the development stage of screw presses, basic forms such as friction presses, hydraulic screw presses, clutch screw presses, and electric screw presses appeared.

In 2020, Anyang Forging Press launch a new series of "fist products", a new generation of "rigid and precise intelligent electric screw presses", and can provide customers with overall solutions for automated production lines.Compared with competing products, it has better rigidity and strength, better forging precision and smarter control system.The new generation of Electric Screw Press has "rigidity" and "precision", which will surely help customers "wisely" win the future.  

 Advantages of Anyang Forging Press J58K series Electric Screw Press 


The J58K series electric screw press produced by Anyang Forging Press adopts advanced frequency conversion control technology, has a simple and reliable structure, can provide greater working energy, and has the following characteristics and advantages to make it widely used in forging production.

1.Various frame types / customized

2.Higher rigidity / reliable

3.High precision / high stability of control and transmission

4.Flywheel adopts friction overload protection / safe and reliable

5.Advanced intelligent control system

6.Optional / multi device system 

Anyang Forging Press Intelligent Electric Screw Press Production Line 


Automatic production line of 630T electric screw press 

Anyang Forging Press Electric screw automatic production line aims at "reliability, environmental protection, high efficiency, and labor saving". Including intelligent control and production management unit, heating unit, manipulator handling unit, forging unit, mold unit, mold lubrication spray unit, flue gas processing unit and online inspection unit. Digital management of the production line, stable beats, high flexibility, stable and high-precision production of forgings.

Advantages of Anyang Forging Press Intelligent Electric Screw Press Production Line

Based on the design and manufacturing experience of Anyang Forging Press Products for more than 60 years, and the experience of serving users, we can provide users with "process line formulation, process simulation analysis, main forging equipment selection, production cycle determination, automatic peripheral equipment selection or design , Production line layout, mold and related equipment design, manufacturing, on-site on-line debugging, trial production of forgings" and other services.

With electric screw press as the core equipment, the automatic production line of electric screw press developed by Anyang Forging Press has the following advantages:

1. Quick mold change, saving auxiliary time

2. Save labor cost

3. High forging quality

4. High production efficiency

5. Low scrap rate

6. Avoid work accidents.


1600T  electric screw press forging automatic line exported to Russia   1000T electric screw press forging automatic line in Anhui customer







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