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With the rapid development of industrial technology, market competition in the forging industry has become increasingly fierce, which puts forward newer and higher requirements for forging equipment and forging technology. Therefore, how to choose more suitable forging equipment is particularly important for forging enterprises.    

Friction presses and electric screw presses are both screw presses. From the perspective of the development stage of the screw press in our country, the friction press belongs to the first generation, and the electric screw press is currently the most advanced screw press.


Friction press is the earliest screw press in modern industry. It is a screw press with friction drive, also known as double disc friction press. It uses the contact transmission between flywheel and friction disc, and works with the principle of the relative movement of the screw and the nut.

The electric screw press is a screw press in which the motor changes the direction of rotation of the flywheel through gear drive or belt drive. The main structure is simpler than a friction press. Since the end of the 20th century, with the rapid development of electronic power technology, new motor technology and computer control technology, electric screw presses have also been greatly developed and have been widely used in the field of forgings at home and abroad.


The difference between electric screw press and friction press:

1. The friction press is cheap, but the transmission efficiency is low, the friction belt is easy to wear, it needs to be replaced frequently, it is difficult to control the hitting accuracy, and the energy efficiency is low. In 1999, my country has included friction presses in the "Catalogue of Eliminating Outdated Production Capabilities, Processes and Products (First Batch)" . The striking energy of the electric screw press can be accurately set, and the energy and striking force can be adjusted according to the forming accuracy, and the life of the abrasive tool can be prolonged. It is a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly press.

2. The friction press is manually operated by workers, with low work efficiency and high labor intensity. The quality of forgings is not easy to control, which requires high quality of workers and high labor costs. The striking energy of the electric screw press can be precisely controlled, the forming tolerances of the forgings are small, and the requirements for the quality of workers are not high. After setting the required striking energy for the forming of the forgings, the computer controls the striking process without manual intervention, so product quality More stable than friction press.

3. Since the electric screw press can accurately control the striking energy, there is no excess energy released on the mold, so the life of the mold is greatly improved compared with the friction press.

4. When the slider of the electric screw press is stationary, the motor does not work, and the power consumption is low, which saves more than 20% of electricity than the friction press.

In summary, compared with friction press, electric screw press has more advantages. It is a forging equipment with strong process applicability, taking into account the dual attributes of forging hammer and press, simple structure and small size, The transmission chain is short, the operation is convenient, the operation is safe, and the maintenance workload is small. It is suitable for all kinds of fine forging, finishing, fine pressing, imprinting, calibration, and calibration procedures. Because of its low slider speed, it has unique advantages in forging of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and copper.

Faced with the environmental protection, labor shortage and the development trend of intelligent forging, Anyang Forging Press develop a new generation of "rigid and precise intelligent electric screw press" in 2020 based on years of professional experience. Compared with screw presses of other structures, Anyang Forging Press's intelligent electric screw presses have better stiffness and strength, better forging accuracy and smarter control system.



The electric screw press developed by Anyang Forging Press adopts a gear drive method, and combines the advantages of many machines to maximize the advantages of electric screw presses. Compared with friction presses, it can save energy by more than 30%, and the sales price is much lower than high-energy screw presses. Through technical design innovations, the advantages of electric screw presses that belong to Anyang Forging Press have been created

1.Various frame types / customized

2.Higher rigidity / reliable

3.High precision / high stability of control and transmission

4.Flywheel adopts friction overload protection / safe and reliable

5.Advanced intelligent control system

6.Optional / multi device system 

7. It can be connected with automatic devices such as forging robots and automatic inkjets to form an automatic forging line with electric screw press as the core equipment.

















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