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 1. What is an air hammer

Air Hammer, also known as Pneumatic Hammer, Power Hammer, is a kind of free forging machine. It is suitable for all kinds of free forging: such as extension, upsetting, punching, shearing, forging welding, torsion, bending, etc., all kinds of open die forging can be carried out by using a cushion die. The air hammer is small in size, low in noise, reasonable in structure, and easy to operate. It is widely used in the production of various forgings.


AFP C41-75 air hammer 

2. What is the relationship between air hammer and air

The motor of the air hammer drives the compression piston of the compression cylinder to move up and down through the reduction mechanism, the crankshaft, and the connecting rod to generate compressed air. When the upper and lower air passages of the compression cylinder communicate with the atmosphere, the compressed air does not enter the working cylinder, the motor runs idly, and the hammer head does not work. Use the handle or foot lever to manipulate the up and down rotary valve to make the compressed air enter the upper or lower part of the working cylinder and push The working piston moves up and down to drive the hammer head and the upper iron to rise or fall to complete various striking actions. There are four communication modes between the rotary valve and the two cylinders, which can produce four actions of lifting hammer, continuous hitting, pressing down and idling. Because the air hammer uses compressed air as power to work, it is called air hammer.

3. the classification of air hammer

AIR HAMMER 9-2000KG.jpg

AFP 9-2000KG air hammer 

According to the specifications, models and uses of the air hammer, it is divided into small air hammers (mainly used for iron forging) and large air hammers (mainly used for industrial forging).

The 9KG-110KG air hammer is a small air hammer, suitable for the production of small forgings, such as tools, knives, farm implements, etc., and also suitable for iron lovers to forge various metal works of art.

The 150KG-2T air hammer is a large air hammer, suitable for casting large forgings. The choice of model is generally determined by the size and shape of the forging, as well as the material. If the forging is too large, it can be used with the operating machine.



AFP C41-1000 air hammer 

4. The advantages of Anyang forging air hammer

Founded in 1956, Anyang Forging Press is the largest manufacturer of forging hammers in China. It has exclusively drafted national standards for air hammers and other products, and has a history of more than 60 years of manufacturing various forging equipment. Anyang Forging Press has passed the ISO9001:2015 quality system certification, and all products have obtained CE certificates. The C41 series of air hammers produced have won the "National Product Quality Silver Award" (the only highest award in the air hammer industry).

Anyang Forging Press has a complete range of air hammer specifications, including small air hammers from C41-9 to C41-110 and large air hammers from C41-150 to C41-2000. In addition, they also have the forging steel ball production line with air hammer as the core equipment.

Anyang Forging Technology R&D Center is a Henan Province CNC forging equipment technology center and a post-doctoral research and development base. It has nearly 100 professional and technical personnel and has more than 40 patents for various forging equipment technology.

Anyang Forging Press covers an area of more than 300 acres, and has more than 300 special and general equipment such as CNC floor boring and milling machine, CNC gantry machining center, CNC lathe, nesting machine, boring cylinder machine, air hammer body, hammer rod, piston, hammer head, etc. Important parts are processed on CNC lathes to ensure the dimensional accuracy and assembly accuracy of the parts.

The air hammer produced by Anyang Forging Press has its own air compression mechanism, which can be started only by turning on the power supply, without other devices. It enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad. Large air hammers and small iron air hammers have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions including Germany, the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom.  

AIR HAMMER (1).jpg

The air hammer produced by Anyang Forging Press has undergone many complicated procedures and strict quality inspections from raw materials to finished products. Behind it is the persistence of the craftsmanship of each Anyang Forging person and the wisdom and dedication of R&D engineers. In every production process, we strive for perfection, be responsible for our customers, and be responsible for our brand, which is our consistent goal!

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