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Riveting machine is a kind of mechanical equipment that can riveting objects together.  The riveting machine mainly relies on rotation and pressure to complete the assembly. There are many types of riveting machines, which are suitable for aerospace, automobiles, trains, motorcycles, ships, construction hardware, textile equipment, steel furniture and other fields, and have a wide range of uses.  With the continuous and rapid development of modern industry, riveting machines are playing an increasingly important role in production and life. 

Hydraulic riveting machine is a kind of riveting machine, which is a riveting machine that organically combines hydraulic, mechanical and electrical control technology.  It has the characteristics of large riveting force, high riveting efficiency, low vibration, low noise, and can reduce labor intensity of workers. It has been widely used in automobiles, ships, bridges, boilers, construction and other industries, especially in the riveting production line of automobile beams.  This has had a very big effect. 



The high-speed hydraulic riveting machine is a kind of special riveting equipment developed and designed by Anyang Forging Press in the early 1980s to meet the needs of my country's automobile industry by introducing and absorbing foreign technology. In the past 40 years, we have made outstanding contributions to my country's automobile industry. With the vigorous development of my country's automobile industry, our automobile riveting machines have undergone several generations of innovation and are widely used in various automobile frame riveting, rolling stock Side frame riveting, mandrel riveting, side column side beam riveting, impact seat riveting, aviation riveting, mining car chassis, agricultural vehicle frame and other fields . 

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Because the equipment adopts full hydraulic transmission and control, the output pressure of the machine is large, and direct cold riveting can be realized, which improves the quality of riveting. Therefore, compared with the traditional pneumatic riveting, it has the advantages of good working environment, no noise, flexible operation, light weight, low labor intensity, fast riveting speed, and good riveting quality. 

Anyang Forging Press drafted and formulated China's hydraulic riveting machine industry standards. In the 1980s, Anyang Forging Press developed the first batch of high-speed hydraulic riveting machines in China, with complete models, which can rive 8-16mm rivets at room temperature and 10-28mm rivets by hot riveting. Riveting pliers of Anyang Forging Press are integrated bending and forging to ensure the integrity of the metal fiber and ensure a longer working life. It is the unanimous choice of FAW, GAC, Yutong, Jiangling, Kama and other automobile manufacturers. All riveting dies of Anyang Forging Press have been carefully inspected by magnetic particle inspection, etc., to ensure product quality.

All the riveting dies produced by Anyang Forging Press have been carefully inspected by magnetic particle inspection. Each hydraulic riveting machine has undergone many complicated procedures and strict quality inspections from raw materials to finished products. Keep improving, be responsible for customers, and be responsible for the brand are the goals that Anyang Forging Press has always pursued!













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