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The Spring Festival holiday has just ended, and Anyang Forging Press's orders have come one after another. All the employees ushered in a full-blown working day. In the various workshops of Anyang Forging Press, there are busy figures of employees everywhere.

In order to catch up with the work, there are 6 electric screw presses in the assembly workshop.


One Electric Screw Press is assembled and waiting for test run


Four Electric Screw Presses in assembly


An Electric Screw Press is grinding the fuselage

The Electric Screw Press is a forging equipment with strong process applicability. It takes into account the dual attributes of forging hammer and press. It has the characteristics of simple structure, small size, short transmission chain, convenient operation, safe operation, and small maintenance workload.  It is suitable for all kinds of precision forging, finishing, precision pressing, imprinting, alignment, and equalization procedures.  The striking energy can be accurately set, the stroke is short, and the energy is stable. The striking energy can be adjusted according to the molding needs, reducing the mechanical stress and thermal stress of the mold, and extending the life of the mold.  Because of its low slider speed, it has unique advantages in forging of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum alloy and copper.

The Electric Screw Press developed by Anyang Forging Press gathers the strengths of many people to give full play to the advantages of the Electric Screw Press, avoids the shortcomings of the old structure through technological innovation, and is designed to be customized in strength, rigidity, precision, intelligence, and functions.  A new type of Electric Screw Press with obvious advantages in other aspects, and an intelligent forging production line with electric screw press as the main engine.


the Electric Screw Press Gear Automatic Forging Production Line of Anyang Forging Press

Features of Anyang Forging Press Electric Screw Press:

1.Various frame types / customized

2.Higher rigidity / reliable

3.High precision / high stability of control and transmission

4.Flywheel adopts friction overload protection / safe and reliable

5.Advanced intelligent control system

6.Optional / multi device system

7.It can be connected with automatic devices such as forging robots and automatic inkjets to form an automatic forging line with electric screw press as the core equipment.


Innovation is endless, "rigid" and "exquisite" are combined, and "intelligence" wins the future. This is the philosophy that Anyang Forging & Press has been adhering to.  According to this concept, Anyang Forging Press will provide customers in the die forging industry at home and abroad with the best series of electric screw presses and their automated production lines.




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