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After nearly half a year of preparations, with the joint efforts of all employees of Anyang Forging Press Company, on June 25, 2021,  Intelligent Precision Forging Technology Experience Exchange and Development Seminar was held in Anyang. This technical exchange and development seminar is hosted by Henan Casting and Forging Industry Association, Henan Forging Press Association, and undertaken by Anyang Forging Numerical Control Equipment Co., Ltd. The theme of this seminar is "Technical Innovation, wisdom wins the future! ", focusing on the background of intelligent manufacturing The development and application of precision forging technology, as well as the development status and technology development trend of precision forging technology at home and abroad in recent years. The aim is to promote the technological innovation highlights, advancement and application effects of the intelligent forging production line developed by our company, to promote the company's product sales in the current and future periods, and to promote the technological advancement of equipment in our country's forging industry.


Nearly 200 people from China Forging Association, Forging Associations of various provinces and cities, and more than 90 domestic key enterprise customer representatives attended the meeting. This meeting was highly valued by the leaders of Henan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Anyang Municipal Government, and High-tech Zone Management Committee, as well as strong support from the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Bureau of Science and Technology, Bureau of Commerce and other government departments. The meeting was a complete success.



The conference conducted discussions on intelligent precision forging technology and development topics. Zhang Jin, secretary-general of the China Forging Association, made a special report on "Development Trends of Forging Industry" at the venue. Professor Liu Hua, director of the Zhengzhou Institute of Machinery and a doctoral tutor, made a report on "Main Issues that Must Be Concerned in the Implementation of Forging Automation Production". Chairman Liu Wei, gave a report on "Breakthrough and Leading", which introduced the company's strategic thinking and development measures in detail. Zhu Wenyuan, director of the company's technical information department, exchanged and shared the pain points and optimized solutions during the implementation of the automated production line at the conference.

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As a major enterprise in the domestic forging hammer industry, our company has developed the first intelligent automated production line of CNC hammers in the field of forging die forging in my country according to the overall requirements of the country’s intelligent development, and realized unmanned forging, digital forging, Green forging. In 2020, we will make full efforts to develop electric screw presses and automated production lines with stronger body rigidity, higher forging accuracy, and more advanced and intelligent control systems, becoming another "fist product" of Anyang Forging. 

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The participating experts and industry colleagues visited the intelligent forging production line in our company and affirmed the investment and achievements of Anyang Forging Press Company's new product research and development. They spoke highly of the four new models of "New Concept, New Image, New Product, New Service" and the core value concept of "Win-win, Leading, Passion and Recognition" of Anyang Forging Press Company. They also praised our company’s "professional technical consultation", "extremely fast parts supply", and "thoughtful installation and maintenance" services, and expressed that they would strengthen cooperation with Anyang Forging Press Company, and jointly accelerate the promotion of equipment upgrades in the forging industry and the pace of green development.

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Although the seminar on experience exchange and development of intelligent precision forging technology has ended, the impact of this seminar on our company and the industry’s equipment renewal needs will continue. After two days of customer exchanges and negotiations, there are more than 20 million yuan in intention order information. The new ideas, new images, new products, and new services displayed by our company at the seminar have been deeply rooted in the hearts of users. Not only are the products outstanding, but our employees are motivated, dedicated, enthusiastic and humble. It is also well displayed in front of you.

Anyang Forging Press Company restart and strives to make greater contributions to China's unmanned forging, digital forging, and green forging.
















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